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"If a kindred has a secret, Desdemona probably knows it."


"The faster you rise, the harder you fall."

The Harpy's Harpy

As the daughter of a wealthy and privileged family there was little Desdemona could want for in life…except perhaps a husband. And there was no better place to meet eligible courtiers then at court and it was there that the young Italian woman thrived. She made the politics her game. There was joy to be found in watching the mighty fall over a few choice words especially if it meant she and her friends were elevated by consequence. Gossip flowed like wine and courtiers delighted in a scandal as long as they weren’t the center of it. The key to manipulating it though was knowing when was best to speak and when it was better to hold your tongue. Secrets were power. Becoming her friend was a boon, but making her an enemy was a quick road to ruin.

Desdemona is an expert on controlling information. She knows when to say something to create the absolute most scandal and when it’s best to leave something buried. Over the years she has become a proficient and feared harpy. Her praises can mean a fast track to the high life but by the same turn of the pen she can just as easily destroy someone’s chances of ever being taken seriously…and potentially worst of all is that you end up beneath her notice entirely.


Desi and lazuli.jpg

Aliases and Titles:

  • Desi
  • Professional Harpy, Par Excellence
  • Ventrue Talon
  • Royal Harpy


House Constantinian
Desdemona Gonzaga, child of Izar San Martin, Child of Epirus

Ambition runs in Desdemona's blood. It has ever since she was a mortal. Without it it is unlikely that she would have ever found herself a member of House Constantinian, and now the blood of the prestigious Ventrue lineage runs through her veins as well. The combination is a frightening one.

Gossip Girl

Harpy is a state of being not just a position held within the Ivory Tower, or at least that is what Desdemona believes. Certainly, it is a position she has held numerous times throughout her life, but whether or not she serves in an official capacity has never stopped her pen. Desi lives to expose scandal, enlighten those who have erred, and praise those who exemplify what it means to be a member of the Camarilla.

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No One Can Keep a Secret


  • "Her affections and attentions may be fickle...but her memory is not. If you are not worthy of the grace of the Ivory Tower, she will not let you, nor anyone else, forget it." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "I have found in my studies that creatures of great beauty develop it for the purposes of attracting a mate, or to provide a clear warning of their inherently deadly nature. One wonders if these things are linked in some signficant fashion? Hmm... no, I'm not talking about nature." - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "Harpy Gonzaga bears the heavy burden of one of the Tower's most noble and celebrated lineages coupled with a self-built reputation as the final word in Master Harpies. I am sure she is capable of living up to all of our expectations" - Benjamin Sharp
  • "She certainly has cornered the market on self-absorbed sensationalism. I'd be impressed, too, if I didn't understand that the only difference between her and your average gossip is a pair of Jimmy Choos." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "Her razor tongue is so sharp that most of her victims don't even feel its sting. Their prestige simply bleeds out, and sometimes you're around to see them realize it - somewhat like a person realizing they no longer have the strength to stand. I'm glad to have had a hand in teaching her decorum, otherwise I would surely fear her prowess. No, that's not right. I still fear it." - Michael Cayhill
  • "We are unusually companionable, she and I. If ever the night comes that we must depart our harmony, to compete against one another, the very earth will tremble." - Ligeia Loxley
  • "I worry for her, I do. Having been a 'arpy, I know there are some inherent occupational 'azards, mais I see the tiny gleeful smirk that touches 'er eyes when the pen draws blood. She should not take so much joy in it, but 'ow can we ask that someone not derive joy from their work?" - Clé deMontes
  • "In these dark nights, Harpies emulate the Courts of their origin. Desdemona is a Cormorant - a harpy who will devour everything. In one fell swoop, she will grace your petty existence with a smile and in the next, you will find yourself hanging like a fool as she sends your soul into a pit of despair. Adoration is a word of which she has from me."-Constance Fournier
  • "Desdemona is a master craftsman that matches the wits, grace, and beauty of many a rose that consider themselves her peer or better. One is careful in her presence, lest one find themselves the object of this generation's most famous tragedy, penned by her hand.."-Maxwell Jacobs
  • "Many speak of her silver tongue, using the same boring and uninspired compliments. As I am neither boring nor uninspired, I will simply say this: while it took me centuries to turn words into razors, for Lady Gonzaga, the act comes as naturally as feeding."-Einhardt Wagner
  • "She approaches us as if we have met. I find this troubling. None of us have met her...what does she know?" -Lysander Kriti
  • "I theorize that for each word a Harpy writes, two more are held in reserve for the right moment. I do wonder more what she does not say, than what she does." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "I treasure Desdemona as if she were my own blood. Though I did note sire her, I am filled with pride at her accomplishments." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "Desdemona has two rare qualities: intelligence and honesty. She wields both with deadly precision. Those Kindred who mistake her fair features for demureness often do not recover from the mistake." - Kristian Vasa
  • "I do not fear words, because of her. Because of her, also? You, should." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "To the manner born, this one, if by manner one means the standards of behaviour typical of the Salon. She is quite the predator there..." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "Fear her pen as you would fear another's sword. It is just as deadly" - Roane
  • "Desdemona is, I think, my favorite childe. Her blood is certainly the truest." - Izar San Martin
  • "I once referred to her, in one of my inferior reports, as a creature of cameillias and razorwire. Though I've little skill with words, I find the pairing eminently suitable for my fellow Harpy." - Benedict d'Holbach
  • "An excellent example of what a little time in the fire can do. The flawed will melt away, but the worthy will emerge strong and unbreakable." - Viveka Josephina Von Daun
  • "She's rather like a viper in the best sense of the word. Lovely and entrancing to behold, with a biting wit that will leave you reeling should you fall out of favor with her. Quite the exemplary Harpy in my not-so-humble opinion." - Elizabeth Flannery
  • "She clearly doesn't care about truth in her Harpy reports, but they sure sound pretty when she's done with them." - Isabella Marie
  • "To paraphrase (and by paraphrase I mean plagiarize shamelessly): 'If, trying to be witty, I am/ Impelled to try an epigram, / I'll never seek to take the credit; / Just assume Desdemona said it.'" -Alicia Vangelista
  • "Relentlessly charming, that one is." - Brigid
  • "'Tis within ourselves that we are thus or thus. Our bodies are our gardens to the which our wills are gardeners.' Ah, Desdemona... I miss that rampant possibility." - Benedict


  • Kristian and Desdemona claim to have a rivaly, but it secretly masks a love affair they've been hiding from Kindred society for centuries. It is believed that on their rare nights together, furniture gets broken.
  • Carmina Giovanni and Desdemona claim no animosity towards each other, but there is an intense antagonism between the two that's been bubbling for almost a century. On the rare nights they are somewhere together, furniture definitely gets broken.

Character Inspirations

Joy of a harpy.jpg

  • Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)
"I have been cordial to you for the last 52 minutes. Do you have any idea the psychological torture that I've endured being nice to you?"

  • A (Pretty Little Liars)
"Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret."

  • Marquise de Merteuil (Dangerous Liaisons)
"You'll find the shame is like the pain; you only feel it once."

  • Lady Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey)
"Haven't you heard? I don't have a heart. Everyone knows that."

  • Regina George (Mean Girls)
"The weird thing about hanging out with Regina was that I could hate her, and at the same time, I still wanted her to like me."


Why, when we do our darkest deeds, do we tell?

"You've got your reputation and your good intent.
Such a good intent."

Take another drag, turn me to ashes.
Ready for another lie?
Says he's gonna teach me just what fast is
Say it's gonna be alright

You've got them all fooled
But I am burned out on this rush

Can't get revenge and keep a spotless reputation
Sometimes revenge is a choice you gotta make

  • Words by Kate Miller-Heidke
Are these words working? Do they work for you?
Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Miranda the Red
Storyteller: Dan F.

OOC Information

Player: Miranda the Red
Member: US2007049838
Domain: Atlanta, Georgia

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