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“The desert, when the sun comes up...I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.” ― Tom Hanks

40 acre Gentleman's ranch is adjacent to Tonto National Forest providing ultimate privacy and stellar desert and mountain views. Open the gate and ride unencumbered down to the Verde River and up to Desert Mountain. The facility has been used for cutting and roping but there is ample room to modify it for any discipline. Totally fenced, the 40 acres is master planned for 1.66 acre home sites. Built by a commercial builder, the main residence is of the finest quality and finish, thoughtfully oriented to capture endless views. Additional equine facilities include: covered arena and 170' round pen, both with lights and sprinklers/roping arena with covered box and chute/Evap. cooled barn with 14 stall capacity /mare motels and pasture. For guest/employees a duplex bunkhouse provides 3 bedrooms.
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As the drive ends, and the house comes into view, it truly is an oasis. Trees, bushes, and flowers are well kept along side classic desert landscaping.


“I asked him if it were a mirage, and he said yes. I said it was a dream, and he agreed, But said it was the desert's dream not his. And he told me that in a year or so, when he had aged enough for any man, then he would walk into the wind, until he saw the tents. This time, he said, he would go on with them.” ― Neil Gaiman, Smoke and Mirrors

The large, one story ranch style home is modernly built, and sprawls in an almost unplanned fashion. It gives the effect that the house itself might have been an afterthought after the rest of the ranch was built.


The decor of the home is classic to the Southwestern style and feel, without the presumtuousness of a professional decorator. The entire home is built to be comfortable, and cozy.

Oasis decor.jpg

“Where is my oasis? Too far from here for me to crawl with these dead legs, refusing to co-operate Hands and fingers clawing uselessly through the grains of sand...” ― Kiera Woodhull, Chaos of the Mind

The small barn is home to 5 Arabian horses, and kept in pristine condition. Wells can be found throughout the property, keeping the horses well-watered even in the hottest of Arizona summers.


The ranch's equine residents are Middle Eastern bred Arabians: Chivalry Lives, Cinderella, Onyx Stardust, Pasha's Pride, and the smallest one is Chivalry's Pride.


“No doubt you are wondering what you will find, out there.' The Commandant said it for me. 'Well, it would be useless for me to try and tell you. The desert tells a different story every time one ventures on it...” ― Robert Edison Fulton Jr., One Man Caravan

At the backend of the property can be found a reasonably sized, 2 bed/2 bath guest house for the use of visitors or long term temporary residents.

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Tuscon's Oasis Ranch is owned by Captain Violette Thibideaux, Grayson La Spada, and Magnolia Thibideaux of the Deuces Wild Cell in Phoenix, Arizona.