Destinee Malek

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Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Silent Striders
Breed: Homid
Pack: Exodus
Sept: Sept of Merlin's Resolve
Rank: Elder
Glory: ••••• •••
Honor: ••••• ••••• •
Wisdom: ••••• ••••• ••
Player: Sarah Himebaugh
Storyteller: Byron Miracle
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Character Information

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Name: Destinee Malek

Deed Name: Sees the Hard Truths

Previous Deed Names: Maat's Truth, In'am Huda (Bestowing Rightful Truth)

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Silent Striders

Position: Sept Beta, Master of Challenge, Eldest Philodox, Pack Alpha of Exodus

Notable Traits:

Sept: Sept of Merlin's Resolve


  • "Why don't we go talk about that privately..."
  • “Because if you just want it noted for the record that they were dicks, and abused the trust of their tribe, it is so noted."
  • "Its funny - she and I were the unique creatures in that we were the only Philodox and Galliard for the Sept. Now there are two more - and she is still without any - how is a Philodox gonna find any semblance of balance? It isn't like she can't process the work - but having some back up would be cool. She's got a sharp mind and if she was a tech junkie like me - she would probably just as dangerous." - Defrags the Spiral
  • "Judgement must not be marred by indecisiveness, Judge needs know when they need perspective. She has done credit to self, by acknowledging perspectives not her own." Storm's Cold Fury
  • "Fair. Smart. Good Philodox...and I've known a LOT of Philodox." - Gaia's Messenger
  • "We get on well. She's trying to understand our point of view, which I appreciate. I imagine her and I will have long conversations in the future. I look forward to them." - Sings the Forgotten
  • "A woman I respect, and a blessing to call her a friend. She's got a keen insight, and I value her ability to weigh the fragments and facts and thoughts when I need a better effort of insight to an issue. Yeah, a real blessing to call her a friend." - Ali Kiercel
  • "I really don't know what to make of her. She's an Athro, that I get. She's a judge, that I get. I don't get her trepidations at every turn. Caution is one thing, but when it paralyzes you is it good?" - Redcap Ruckus
  • "Strider. Focused. She tempers the rage of the Nation." - Stone Gaze
  • "Ovipository Kittens in baskets, flying though delirium, exploding into rainbows.... The world will never know." - Visions of Phoebe
  • "She told me my Challenge was too difficult. I appreciate the compliment she paid me when I decided to go through with it anyways. I admit, it was partially to return the compliment that worked so hard to succeed." - Bits and Bytes

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  • Demonstrating a decidedly mercenary mindset, justice might be for sale with this Philodox...
  • All Silent Striders have trouble here and there with the restless dead, but she has more trouble than the usual
  • [SILENT STRIDER ONLY] Member of the Wayfarers Camp
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OOC Information

Player: Sarah Himebaugh US2009054046

Location: Phoenix,AZ