Detective Evangeline Henry

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Accord PC

Player: Cathy D.
Creature Type: Confidential
Division: The Vault
City: Puerto Rico
VST: Alicia Cameron

Evangeline- Accord.png

Character Information

The Vault

Name: Evangeline Henry, San Juan Police Department

Creature Type: Confidential

Notable Traits: She is a wallflower's wallflower. She is plain looking and innocuous yet, there is more to her than meets the eye.

Title or Position: Detective in the San Juan Police Department, Director of Human Resources in the Vault

Division: The Vault

Status: Accord: 3, Vault: 5 (Director)

Her story thus far: After becoming a successful Detective in Harrisburg, PA, Evangeline moved to San Juan after enjoying a vacation there. But trouble didn't seem to let her be. Knowing the shadow war she was going to be embroiled in, she joined The Vault to originally help protect agents, but her duties kept increasing from there. Now she's trying to fight the war strategically after seeing so many younger (especially mages) agents die. She lives by the code, "Protect and Serve".


  • "I don't know how I'd be able to run this place without Det. Henry, frankly. She keeps me sane and helps the trains run on time. She's a great Recruiter and is wonderful at her job." -Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "Detective Henry has shared the wealth of this world's stories, which this one appreciates greatly." - Bohiti
  • "She is pretty cool. It's nice to have another dedicated non-super-cool-powers person around!" - Ashley Watson
  • "Leave a Quote here!" - You


Operation: Rising Phoenix MED
Operation: Smoke and Mirrors MED
Operation: Redemption MED
Operation: Storm Front MED
Operation: Old Peculiar MED


  • She doesn't talk about herself because she's really a Changeling and doesn't want her fetch to find her.
  • Known to be a big tree-hugger.
  • Foiled a CUT rally using enforcement of the Fire Code.
  • Really has coffee running through her veins instead of blood.

Character Inspirations


Character Soundtrack

OOC Information

Player: Cathy D.

MES Number: US2006098665

Location: San Juan, TX