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Common Knowledge


Name: Deuces Wilde

Clan: Gangrel

Sect: Sabbat


Generation: 8th

Current Location: Austin, TX

Pack: The Host

Standing: *Initiated* into the Sabbat, *Loyal*, *Devout*, *Courageous*

Notable traits:

  • Eerie Presence: Cats eyes.
  • Eerie Presence: Phantom Wings.
  • Four claw marks that extend from her left clavicle to her right temple.
  • Wears a Sabbat styled rosary.




  • Sire:


  • Pre Sabbat history is relatively unknown. Did she have parents? Did she have brothers and sisters? Was she an only child? Was she wealthy? Poor? When was she embraced? Was she a ghoul? Was she part of the Camarilla? Was she an independent?
  • 1975-2000 - Ran with the Wilde Bunch. A nomadic and brutal Gangrel pack.
  • 2000 - Came to Texas. The Wilde Bunch was cut down by Infirnalists. Deuces barely survived.
  • 2000 - Descended upon Austin, Texas. Rot Rally. Hungry, alone, pack mentality; she descended upon the hapless bikers. It was there she met others, who were also packless.
  • 2000-2014 - The Bonerot Saints formed that night. They left Austin together, roaming the wide open space.
  • July 2014 - The Bonerot Saints came back to Austin, TX. Deuces left to go find others.
  • November 2014 - Deuces returns to Austin; having found no one to survive her trials. She arrives to find her pack, dead... save for Earl.
  • January 2015 - Deuces finds The Host. She cements her place in the pack.


  • Deuces picked off, her former packmates, one by one, for being dumb.
  • Deuces is the childe of a methuselah.
  • Deuces is a former Camarilla member, having turned on the court, killing everyone, before joining the Sabbat.
  • Deuces received her scar from her sire, before killing him.
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  • "She recently joined The Host and, already, she proven herself capable of fighting The Enemy." - Amitiel
  • "Deuces stepped up to protect the pack before even joining. To act on instinct tells a lot of one's character." - Alexander Hawk
  • "I like them wild, and if you call her kitten again, I am going to enjoy the fucking show. Your move, hot shot." - Jude
  • "She may be wild to you , but she is and will always be even if we are not in the same pack , my partner in crime. " Earl
  • "No idea if I knew her before Brazil...but she is my packmate. Only the nastiest of deaths will meet the person who fucks with her. " Raziel
  • "Caine has blessed her with impressive skills, I'm happy to know she's on our side. " Storm
  • "Yegor is liking Deuces. She is knowing when to set someone on fire, and how to quietly watch them burn. Is good." Yegor Ivchenko
  • "She is an example of what I know I should be. I hope to one day be like her." Mishka
  • "I look forward to seeing the weapon she becomes when she finally sheds the burden of her humanity. The Sword would be blessed that night." Ekko
  • "My sister knows better than anyone else the strength of pack. I have seen her lay wastes to demons and hellspawn in ways beyond comprehension...she struck fear in our enemies hearts and minds...nothing she will ever do will cause my love for her to fade...Thank you Deuces...for everything. " Storm
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Character Ties



Out of Character Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Holli H
Domain: TX-065
VST: Austin Sabbat VST

Player: Holli H
Membership Number: US2002034112
Location: Austin, TX