Deuil Blanc

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Arriving at Deuil Blanc

Die Stute von Herzschmerz by Franzikus Winter

For those traveling by air, the nearest airport is in Atlanta. From there, a car or helicopter can be taken to Jasper. For those traveling by train, the station in Jasper is open to both commercial and private trains.

Located about an hour outside of Atlanta, Jasper is a small town on a mountain. Deep in the woods there is a tiny, oft-missed road that leads into the trees. From there, a long, stone wall eventually gives way to an iron gate, twisted into roses, the thorns prominent. Past the gate there is a gravel drive, then a flagstone courtyard wrapped around a masterpiece clockwork horse, by Franziskus Winter.

As the car arrives, it is met by Emerick, the house manager, an elderly man with ramrod straight posture and a heavy German accent. He wears a dark grey suit with the Von Daun crest embroidered on the breast pocket. He is efficient and respectful to all guests and tends to any staff that travels with them with professional courtesy.

The House

Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy by Carravagio

The house is a large one, designed to impress, much like the noble houses of Europe, once upon a monarchy. The exterior of white marble practically glows in the moonlight, ethereal among the trees. Upon close inspection, the white marble is laced with black veins.

Inside, the walls are white plaster, molded to display the Von Daun crest, Viveka's personal seal, and roses are regular intervals. The artwork on them is colorful and bold, mostly Caravaggio (a favorite of Viveka's) and the abstract work done by Raina. No other abstract work is displayed anywhere in the house. Notably, all of the Caravaggio paintings are forgeries - very good ones. The floor is a deep gray marble.

The Suites

Toreador Room.jpg

For those extended an invitation to stay at Deuil Blanc, they are accommodated in a suite of rooms that includes a bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, and a room for the maid or valet traveling with the guest. The decor varies, though the colors are often a reflection of the blood of the guest - reds for Toreador, blues for Ventrue, etc - and are expressed in rich brocades, plush velvets, and decadent furs.

The Library

DB Libary.jpg

The library of Deuil Blanc is the result of centuries of collecting. The books are well read - this is more than just a library of a collector. The languages represented range, including French, German, Latin, and some English. There are a few selections in other languages, though they are less consistently represented.

Books are divided by topic, including large sections on religion and literature. Several Kindred authors are also present, including everything published by Toby Dior, which are displayed in a glass case with obvious pride.

The Music Room

DB Music Room.JPG

The music room at Deuil Blanc is located on the first floor and rather large for a traditional music room. Windows overlook the town of Jasper, halfway down the mountain, whose lights shines through the trees at night. In addition to modern instruments, such as a baby grand piano and large harp, several classical instruments are also present, such as a harpsichord, a lute, a dulcimer, and a fortepiano. A full complement of stringed instruments are also present, as well as any instrument played by the Von Daun. All instruments are ready to play, encouraging the impromptu performance if an artist is called to do so. On the walls are shelves of music that stretch back to the beginning of written composition and include some surprising modern music, including jazz and bluegrass. To round out the collection, there is also several methods to play music, including an early phonograph and gramophone.

The Grounds

The back doors of the house, which appear to be mostly glass, open to a flat stone patio. Two more tiers of patio are below. Beyond the patio are extensive gardens, some walled, others open, with pathways between them. Those gardens fade into the woods beyond, with no wall or barrier to divide them.

To the left of the patios is a small stone cottage with a wall around it. The gardens inside this wall are mostly filled with native wildflowers and grasses, and though the look is wild and natural, they are clearly tended for. The cottage is dark but for a single candle burning in one of the front windows.

The Stables

DB Stables.jpg

The stables at Deuil Blanc are patterned from a traditional Austrian design. The horses within are in various stages of training, their well-being overseen by a small team of grooms. Their training, as Viveka will happily inform anyone who asks, is overseen by a Gangrel from the Atlanta court.