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Eugene Bar.jpg

As You Enter

Eugene's Dew Drops Tavern is a wondrous haphazard mess. The entryway has a simple bench seat that can accommodate two people or three children and standing room for up to ten full sized adults with intimate room. In the entryway is a sign, reading "Please swear to the Emblem on the left before being seated"; the Emblem of Dew Drops features an ever-flowing decanter of rainbow fluid tipped and pouring into a chipped china bowl that never fills. A plaque next to the decanter reads:

"By accepting service at Dew Drops Tavern, Patrons will refrain from causing death, violence, or other harm to themselves and others and will refrain from destroying, stealing, or otherwise devaluing the property and all non-food items contained within. Patrons will also keep out of designated areas, including the kitchen, workshop, back-of-bar, and greenhouse, unless instructed to otherwise by the Master of this Emblem or his work staff. Patrons who refuse to swear will be denied service and treated as a hostile threat past the sign by the Master of this Emblem, his work staff, and Sworn Patrons. Patrons who swear and break any or all of the above conditions will have the food and drink they consumed turned to ash, the runs for a week, and will not be welcomed back within 100 yards of this Establishment for one month. The Master of this Emblem guarantees only the most excellent custom meals and beverages with the Bounty of the Hedge and beyond, and will strive to ensure 110% satisfaction. Please remember to tip the staff adequately, and the house will prepare any food brought in by Patrons to order. Thank you for you Patronage!"

The Dining Area

Beyond the sign, tables and chairs, all mismatched and of various sizes, lay out in the dining area like a maze; the dining area itself is large enough to seat 100 people, hobs, and other sentient denizens of the Hedge and mortal worlds. Along the back wall, a huge wooden bar stretches from the left corner to just in front of a large hotplate window; the bar has a clean and scuffed surface and a vine-laden trellis underlay that blooms with occasional flowers. The shelf behind the bar contains many-hued glass bottles of various fluids; only a small portion of them are labeled, but the labels are high-class. The bar features a hibachi grill, bench seating around the grill, and several differing barstools that adjust to various heights.

The hotplate window is obscured with a curtain of steam, making it near impossible to glimpse inside the kitchen. However, the sound of banging metal, slapping meat, crunching fibers, and flames indicate a near constant level of activity. A swinging metal door next to the hotplate leads to the kitchen, adorned with a "KEEP OUT: EMPLOYEES ONLY" sign written in runny red letters.

On the right wall, three doors lead out of the dining hall; two are designated as restrooms, but the genders are described in sizes rather than shapes, while the other is labeled "Workshop: AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY!". On the left wall, two doors lead out; one is labeled as "EXIT" while the other is etched glass stained with dirt, condensation, and numerous red markings indicating that this door is off limits.

The Bar

The bar is a mostly smooth and stained countertop set above a vine trellis. The vines appear Hedge in nature and occasionally bloom or blossom in sporadic fashion. The back shelf is lined with bottles backlit with phosphorescent, faerie-lamp style lighting. Each bottle is different, from level of dust coating it, color and depth of the glass, shape, and label, some of which are missing part or all of the latter.

Stacks of various-sized glasses, from shot to sniffer, from stein to wine stem, line the back counter just beneath the bottle display. Some glasses appear too small or too large for their shape and intended alcoholic purpose, as if made for creatures not of normal human stature. In addition, several sized shakers, blenders, and taps are set within arm's reach of the center of the bar, indicating that the regular bartender is skilled enough to pour, mix, and send drinks along the slightly scuffed bar surface to regular attendees.

The Lighting

Dew Drops Tavern is lit with running skylights interspersed with antique lanterns, all of which use more of the phosphorescent plants to provide lighting. In addition, Hedge vines run across the ceiling, weaving with and completing the beams while providing the comfort of the outdoors.

Each table is set with extended wick candles that provide a light, smoky atmosphere. Strangely, the candles never seem to burn down and appear slightly melted for aesthetic purposes.

The Staff

The staff of Dew Drops Tavern is primarily Hob in nature, with occasional Changeling servers paying back favors for food or drink. Each waiter is garbed in a mossy green apron donned with bottle caps and scrap metal flair bits to differentiate themselves from each other. The bartender wears a more stylish mossy green vest and tie. The host at the door wears a heavier green leather tailed overcoat, complete with fingerless leather gloves lined in flashy, but sturdy, bronzed metal.

While service is not the first job any Hob should be able to perform, the staff of Dew Drops Tavern seems competent enough to perform the tasks of serving and seating without undue distress to patrons.

Leading the Hobs during service is Sir Eugene Sweet. He can be seen behind the bar and in the kitchen doorway directing his crew, filling orders, and performing general performance cooking tableside and hibachi. He will also break out more potent alcohol for mixed drinks on certain nights.

Customer Reviews

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