Dexios Levantine

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Hamilton, ON
Player: Lino Di Julio
Storyteller: Guy Parks

Sire: Lady Sophoniba
Residence: Hamilton
Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
Privileged to be Confirmed as an Established Elder
Known to be an Architect of the Camarilla
Seen as Courteous for his Conduct in Tunisia by The Sultan Prince Lady Sophoniba
Reputed as Loyal for actions in Malta
One of Prince King's Favoured Kindred of Toronto
Actions are Acclaimed within the hallowed halls of Malta by her Harpy

Seneschal of Hamilton
Myrmidon of Clan Toreador within Canada
Member of the Canadian Council of Petals

Notable Traits:

Information Known by Kindred Society

Known by Kindred Society At Large

A strapping European embraced as much for his good looks and charm as he was for his wealth and influence, Dexios is known for his gregarious and joyful personality possessed of a rapier wit and infectious smile. Dexios is rumored to be, underneath all that smiling and pleasantness, an archetypal player in the great game. He is a recent player to the great game in Canada and the America's but to the surprise of many that did not know him he arrived with an incredibly well established and deeply entrenched network of influence.

Known by the Harpies

Dexios Levantine has a sorted and shrouded past and has been discovered to have gone by over a hundred different aliases, he has served as Harpy, Seneschal, Primogen, but in his near millennium of existed never taken the role of Prince. When asked why that is he often deflects the question stating that it is more useful to be known as a supporter of the throne than a usurper of one. Whether or not this is true is a question of debate.

He is alleged to have been deeply invested in the Prestation networks of the old world and is an avid supporter of the boon system, vocally condemning even minor infractions and injustices that might threaten it. One of few known dependable ways to agitate the elder is to suggest paying more for a favor then it is worth. He is an Elder and Patriach of an extensive line of proper Toreador consisting of artisans, craftsmen, and warriors alike. Dexios' own artistic flare lies in language, writing and oration, a tradition he claims to have become enamored with after witnessing Raphael De Corzon's speech at the Convention of Thorns.

Dexios is most often found in the comforts of Elysium, and abhors violence against Kindred, he considers it beneath the Pillar clans to engage in such with each other, with mortals however he is alleged to be more.well.ruthless.

Known by the Clan Toreador

Dexios is the known Patriarch of House Tanit a line of viciously traditional, wealthy, influential and privileged kindred that predate the Camarilla. Dexios could be considered, by modern standards, to be protective of line both as individuals and as ideas. The line's history, while old and deeply invested in the Camarilla, is surprisingly barren of scandal, sedition, heresy, or impropriety. While many credit the tutelage Dexios recieved at the hands of his sire some wonder if this is just well tended to covers. Surely mistakes must exist somewhere? But where...

Dexios was originally viewed as a connoisseur and it took a few centuries before established himself as a skilled spokesmen and orator, still, some in the clan old enough to remember tell stories in private of the Charming and influential Dexios devoid of a shred of artistic talent. Those days are long past however.

It is no secret that Dexios seeks to gain a seat on the Council of Petals and there are many that are supportive of the likeable elder to do so, whether or not any of those supporters are on the Council itself is yet to be seen.


Sire: Lady Sophoniba




  • Some allege that Dexios has an intense dislike for Clan Ventrue after bitter influence wars during the 30's and 40's
  • It has been suggested that certain ex-Justicars are bitter toward Dexios for leveraging his influence network against them
  • Rumours linger about a torrid love affair involving some unseemly kindred that were not of proper clans
  • Before his untimely demise a Nosferatu purpoted that he had identified mortal families that had been working for Dexios for generations
  • In a spat with an old rival in Elysium Dexios was accused of being a fraud and an emotionless, jaded, shell of a man

OOC Information

Player: Lino Di Julio