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Accord PC

Player: Terry Stamets
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Division: ENTER INTO
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Character Information

Name: Dhara

Creature Type: Bastet: Bahgrasha

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4, of Indian descent, becomes a panther, pregnant (due mid Spetember)

Title or Position: Commander (former), Lieutenant (former), Quartermaster (former)


Marcus Jackson – former commander, hunting partner, friend, spiritual sibling

Trys M. Istus – husband

Fizzy – old friend

Tripp – old friend

Melissa Proudfoot – cop, trusted associate in another timeline

Naija Singh-Jackson Wife of Marcus Jackson, and now close friend.


  • Did you see her torturing that poor Servant? Talk about a cat playing with her food...
  • Okay, a chick that hot has to be laying more then just one guy. She does seem to hang around Marcus a lot....
  • I heard she went 3 rounds with an Incubus, but got bored and fell asleep.
  • Has taken on dozens of demons by herself

Quotes, From & About

  • "Why do I want her with me in a fight? She turns into an 8' cat thing that's all claws and fangs. You figure it out!" - Marcus Jackson, Former Cell Commander

OOC Information

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Player: Terry Stamets

MES Number: 2010076351

Location: San Juan, PR