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Arm of the Devil is a giant of a Mexican, with no hair to really speak of, he has a shining charisma of sorts but he'll never be a sexy son of bitch anytime soon. He's got a scar running from his left temple to his right cheek looking like a rake of some kind and his face is burnt from just under his jaw down his neck and all along his right arm. But he seems to have that sort of joy for life that so many lack these days. Never far from something in his hand to eat or drink, it seems like a constant companion for him. He tends to dress casually and acts like a blowhard but he also seems to have a passion for love, life and those he surrounds himself with.

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Terribly burned and scarred.
He has no discernible pure breed what-so-ever.

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Eyes of Fire
First In Last Out
Arm of the Devil
Ancestor's Honored Path
Los Garras del Lobo (aka Lobo)

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Born to the greatest Luchador in history he is worthy of any renown thrown in his direction, as well as panty dropping and boob flashing. Especially that last part.

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  • Totem - Fenris
  • Arm of the Devil

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"A loud-mouthed braggart, to be sure, but at least he's funny and he backs up what he says. Not a bad Skald either". - Gunnar Schwarz

"I admit, most of the time I have no idea what he is talking about, but he is obviously passionate about this Lucha thing." - Tidebreaker

"That Garou has zero respect for a well-laid plan. I owe him a sock to the eye, and a beer." - Lara Radic, Tides of War

"I am not sure what else he is, but he is a Fenrir. A Fenrir with a terrible nose and guilty of crimes against meat, but a Fenrir. This one I will watch." - Feast of Ashes

"The only other I will SHARE the title of "Pretty Pretty Princess" with.*grins* - Frigga Thorvaldson

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Santiago is rumored to have 20 or more children.
Favorite hangout is the Home Depot parking lot.
Santiago owns a fleet of custom riding lawnmowers.
He is never without a bottle of Tapatio hot sauce.
He is rumored to use his off time to pursue a career in Lucha wrestling!

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  • Cypress Hill - Insane in the Membrane


  • Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill a Man


  • Metalachi - Crazy Train


  • Pantera - Revolution is My Name


  • Pantera - Cowboys from Hell


  • Drowning Pool - Step Up


"Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker"

Maw of Fenris

Gaian War Pack
Pack Member of Maw of Fenris


Get of Fenris

No Retreat
No Surrender
No Compromise




Garou PC

Character Information
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Breed: Homid
Sept: Sept_of_Falcon's_Rest
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• ••
Honor: ••••
Wisdom: ••••• ••
Player: Jose
Storyteller: Forrest Holt