Dimitri Rose

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Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Beyond Good and Evil
Sept: Sept of The Tor
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• •••
Honor: ••••• ••
Wisdom: ••••• •••••
Player: Richard Burns
Storyteller: Tori Hendricks

Ominous Black Sky, Silent Thunder, Spirit Mover, Link to the Past


National Spirit Network: 3 Affinities: Raven Spirits 5 Other Thunder's Brood 4 Klaklakin War Spirits 4 Cunning Wily Fox Spirits 4 All Other Spirits 3

Known to the Nation

X/xx/1980 - 1/29/2016

Dimitri "Ominous Black Sky" Rose, Athro of the Nation,

Called Silent Thunder, Spirit Mover, Link to the Past

Born of Woman under Luna's Smile and Grandfather's Wrath

Beta of "Beyond Good and Evil" dedicated to Fox's Cunning

Den Father of the Sept of the Tor in Lone Jack MO

Murder Councillor for the North Central Region

Beyond Good and Evil


Pack Totem: Fox

The pack came together in California under the guidance of Trevor and in the beginning it was him, Sebastian and Galina. They all had a common bond of going to the same college, being around the same age, and having the same ideas when it came to dealing with situations. Force was never the first resort, always the last. They each held the same belief of coercion, manipulation and other subtle tactics to get the necessary information. But when push came to shove, none were without the ability to defend themselves. Along the way, they picked up Dimitri after he changed. He married Galina's half-sister and has a daughter. Avraham joined in as well, being tied into the pack by being Dimitri's cousin. Together, they've traveled back to Galina's hometown, to take up their place and do what is necessary to defend and protect her home Sept.

Dawn Blanchard "Hidden Strength, Still Waters Run Deep, Bears the Storms Fury" - Child of Gaia Adren Ahroun
Dimitri Rose "Silent Thunder, Spirit Mover, Link to the Past, Ominous Black Sky" - Shadow Lord Athro Theurge
Usvietta “Yvette” Talon "Light of The Spirit, Oaken Shield" - Silver Fang Adren Theurge
Dakota Running Prairie - Uktena Adren Lupus Philodox
Violetta Lorraine "Steals the Toys, Lava Bait" - Silver Fang Fostern Lupus Ragabash
Alexander Beckett - Silver Fang Fostern Philodox

Trevor Hunt "Grey Area, Scandals the Air" - Silver Fang Adren Ragabash
Gahji Chenzira - Silent Strider Fostern Galliard

Sebastian Hunt "Devil's Advocate, Answers the Call" - Silver Fang Adren Philodox, Deceased December 2013
Galina Kelly "Blood of Maegara" - Black Fury Fostern Galliard, Deceased May 2014
Avraham ben Owniy "Loudest Silence, Click Click Boom" - Shadow Lord Cliath Ragabash Deceased
Oliver Hunt "Rock Solid, Pillar of War" - Silver Fang Adren Ahroun Deceased

Other Contacts

Rite of Passage Pack (Adoptable)

"Snow" Female, Ahroun, Metis, Albino

"Ginger" Female, Galliard, Fianna

"Sparks" Female, Ragabash

"Big Dog" Male, Ahroun

"Scraps" Male,


Mother: Stefanie Ianescu-Rose, Shadow Lord Kin, daughter of Dimitri Ianescu, Shadow Lord Kin, son of Nicoleta “Lightning Dancer” Ianescu, Shadow Lord Elder Galliard of Romania

Father: Gordon Rose, Shadowlord Kin, son of Elijah Rose, Shadowlord Kin, son of

- - - - - Calinda Zelazny-Rose, Shadowlord Kin, Daughter of Randolph “Storm’s Promise” Zelazny, Adren Shadow Lord New Moon of Los Angles

- - - - - & Anderson Rose, Child of Gaia Kinfolk, Son of Briar “Gaia’s Paw” Rose, Sickle Born Child of Gaia Athro of San Francisco

Wife: Amanda "Mandy" Kelly-Rose, Black Fury Kin
Daughter: Cassandra "Cassie" Rose, Born 2009
- - - - - Godmother: Aella Kriptikos Black Fury Philodox

Mother In Law: Lisa Kelly "Nox Moonkiller" - Black Fury Athro Ragabash, Deceased June 2014

Sister's In Law
Galina Kelly "Blood of Maegara" - Black Fury Fostern Galliard, Deceased May 2014
Iris Kelly "Blood Maw, Stalks the Cat" - Black Fury, Athro Ahroun, Deceased September 2014
Minerva "Minnie" Kelly, "Voice of Reason" - Black Fury Galliard Cliath
Wilhemina "Meena" Kelly Krieger, Black Fury Kin
Diana Kelly, Black Fury Kin (born 2002, adopted by Dimitri and Amanda 2014)

Brother In Law
Erik Krieger "Escalates Quickly" Adren Get Ragabash

Avraham ben Owniy "Loudest Silence, Click Click Boom" - Shadow Lord Cliath Ragabash
Rayna Ayres "Laughs at Danger, Infinite Jest" - Shadowlord Cliath Ragabash
Kezia Ayres "Keeper of the Ways" - Shadowlord Cliath Philodox



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He's lucky that my sister cares so much about him. If it weren't for her, I might have really harmed him by now. But, he's stepped up and is taking care of her and their daughter. There's not many out there that would do that, so for that, he'll have my respect. Let's just hope that if my niece changes, she'll know the Fury... -- Galina Kelly