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Changeling PC

Player: Jeannie Starcher
Character: Dita
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flamesiren
Court: South
Freehold: Freehold of the New Eden
VST: Jeff S.


Character Information

Name: Dita

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Flamesiren

Court: South Court 4

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4, faintly red eyes, Siren Song

Title or Position:


  • She was intended to be a frost elemental, but it didn't take. Her kith was a sort of allergic reaction.
  • She views herself as a pretty pretty Princess.
  • Beware, she kills hedge beasts for fun with her skills of fire.
  • All those songs that reference setting fire to the dance floor? Yeah, they were written for her.


  • Dita has a definite air of royalty about her, monarch or no. Met her first down in Puerto Rico and again in Nashville. She's got the grace thing going on for sure! I have a feeling she'd turn white-hot if you crossed her though haha. ~ DJ Radix
  • Look, I don't normally care for Fairest, ken? Fire Princess is an exception. If I ever decide I'm tired of being a grumpy stick in the mud, she's the one I'm gonna go ask for a drink that is hard enough you can set it on fire. ~ Arc
  • Yeah, I'll say it. I'm jealous! Around her, I'm positively dowdy. How am I supposed to make men fear and lust over me with her in the room? I need to take notes off her." ~ Lilith Parsons
  • One of my very best friends! I love Dita. She's awesome. She and I are kindred spirits in many ways.. ~ Kidd Fox
  • The Fire Queen is impressive, I saved her life once don't you know? We've been close ever since. My best advice is don't piss her off. ~ Jack Daniels



Friends and Acquaintances

OOC Information

Player: Jeannie Starcher

MES Number: US2006088411