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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Awakening PC

Player: Dwayne Beveridge
Path: Acanthus
Order: Apostate
Legacy: None
Consilium: Borderlands
City: Sault Saint Marie, Ontario
Cabal: None
VST: NW Awakening VST


Shadow Name: Divine

Sleeper Alias: Devin

Titles: The Hatter Divine


Notable Traits

  • He wears a Top Hat and has bright red hair.
  • He wears a bright colored jacket, though black pants.


1985: Born
2005: Awakened as an Acanthus
2013: He was approached by the Seers to propose a solution for the NW Mages.
2014: Moved to PR for a few months.
2014: March: Divine returned back to Borderlands to be Accosted by the local Awakened again. 11-03-2014: Presumed Dead after plane goes MIA across Lake Superior.


  • The Mad Hatter From Alice in Wonderland.

Character Description


A mask superimposes itself over his face to all who are awakened. This mask is always the opposite emotion of the one he currently has.


  • Is actually a Seer.
  • Closet MLP fan.
  • Had sex with a car once...don't ask.
  • Enjoys psychoactive drugs.
  • Takes parts of hair from every person he meets.
  • Has a tattoo on his butt.
  • Likes to sniff people.
  • Threw up on a celebrity once.
  • Secretly a deep cover Guardian.
  • Loves reading Twilight.
  • His favorite Game of Thrones character is Hodor.
  • Thinks Harry Potter was written by a mage.
  • Got kicked out of the zoo for trying to ride a giraffe.

Quotes By

  • "Those that move the pieces know far ahead of our own minds." - To Skittles
  • "I am Devin, the Hatter, Divine. Those who know me know because They that Move the Pieces have decided they, that that know of me, should know. Fate follows Fortune where once we stood. For to follow is to look, for Ill, or Good."
  • ...

Quotes About

  • "He's a fucking Seer?" - JailBird to Skittles
  • "The Mad Hatter has nothing on Hatter Divine... I want to find the person that stole his marbles and beat them with a stick." Chastity
  • "I move my own pieces damn it." Chastity

The Ties that Bind us

  • Anagnorisis - "They that move the pieces seem to keep us destined to be together."
  • Skittles - "An introduction as Devin to a man named Justin, a decent fellow, even if he wears his heart on a sleeve."
  • Raphael - "The man hides behind his words and his woman. An Arrow of the worst Sort."