Dixon Richards

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sacramento, CA
Player: Derek Redman
Storyteller: Ron Edens
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Character Description

Name: Dixon Richards
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Embraced: 04/20/1998
Nicknames/Aliases: Dixon Cider
Notable Traits: Vulgar language, tends to be heavily armed, Deceased
Status: 4: Acknowledged - Prince Ovan of Sacramento, Enforcer - Positional, Loyal, Courageous
Titles/Positions: ex-Scourge of Sacramento

Information Known to Kindred Society

He's dead



03/21/2014: Arrived in Sacramento and received Acknowledged from Prince Ovan
05/23/2014: Received the position of Scourge of Sacramento
06/11/2014: Received Warned for insulting Elder Aleistor Rukh
09/05/2014: The duration of Warned has elapsed
09/05/2014: Received Loyal from Prince Ovan
09/05/2014: Received Courageous from Prince Ovan
05/08/2015: Died fighting Gron, the Large


"He's quite the rabble-rouser isn't he? I would hate to see him angry... or given purpose." - Violette de Leoncourt
"To be honest, I don't mind his demeanor, or his behavior. As long as he is Loyal to the Tower, I will consider him an ally." - Aharon Gadjarian
"Like most Neonates, he exists in a game where nobody knows the rules, where everybody consequently doubts that there are rules at all, and where the vocabulary has been diminished to such an extent that nobody is even sure what the game is about anymore. That is where I come in." - Aleistor Rukh
"I like him. His heart's in the right place, his mind is sharp, his arm is strong, but that damn foot of his keeps finding itself in his mouth. He's young though; hardly a blink of an eye has passed since he was embraced. If he survives a hundred years and lets some of his younger notions go, he'll be a truer ally of the pillar than there ever was." - Chuck Lee



  • He might be an Anarch.
  • He is very well connected.
  • If you want something from him, ask on a rainy day.

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