Dmitri Havel

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Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: No Stone Unturned
Sept: Sept of the South Wind
Rank: Fostern
Glory: ••
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••••• •••
Player: Christopher Beck
Storyteller: Joe Boyer

Real Name: Dmitri Havel

Deed Name(s): Eyes in Shadow, Turns the Tide

Notable Traits: Shadow Lord Pure Breed x4

Homid Physical Description: Dmitri is a white male with almost porcelain skin, his short spiky, black hair often looks like he just rolled out of bed, and he has dark stormy grey eyes. He has high scheek bones and sharp facial features.
Attire: When Dmitri is on the Sept, he is normally seen wearing a black t-shirt, a apair of glasses, faded a torn jeans, and a pair of boots. When Dmitri goes into the city, he will wash up and dress a little nicer, usually wearing a dress shirt over a sleeveless t-shirt, dark denim, his glasses, and a pair of boots.

Crinos Physical Description: Dmitri stands at 9' tall and seems a bit more lithe and nimble than most Crinos Garou. His reflects the charcoal grey of angry storms clouds with a streak of white fur over his left eye brow.

Lupus Physical Description: Dmitri stands at about 34" at shoulder height and is approximately 63" long including the tail. The shoulders are not as broad as most Shadow Lords, but he makes up with a sleek and agile body. He seems to have an air of menace about him. His coat is midnight black with a patch of white fur over the left eye.

Dmitri Havel

Information Known by The Nation




Name: No Stone Unturned
Totem: Merlin (Wisdom)
Additional Members: Noah, Mairin, Elsie, Gestalt, Mallory


  • When I needed someone I could count on to keep my confidences and work on things that were sensative in nature I turned to Demitri Havel. I was pleasently surprised that he went above and beyond my expectations and he is someone who I will continue to work with for years to come. He knows a lot about the spirits and that knowledge has spared me a defeat I would have likely otherwise suffered.Brody "Tackles the Mountain" Eberhart - Get of Fenris, Modi


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Rank Challengers

Rank Challenges
Rite of Passage Open Slot
Cliath Open Slot
Fostern Open Slot
Adren N/A
Athro N/A
Elder N/A

OOC Information

Player: Christopher Beck Location: Manhattan, KS