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Awakening PC

Player: Michael Bryan
Path: Mastigos
Order: Adamantine Arrow •••••
Legacy: Perfected Adept
Position: Sentinel
Consilium: The Queen's Consilium ••
City: Charlotte, NC
Cabal: The Third Aegis
VST: Charlotte Awakening ST


Birth Name: James Joseph McGowan

Shadow Name: Doc

Sleeper Alias: JJ, Doc, JJ McGowan

Offices: N\A

Quote: "Before I "Awoke" I played in Hell; bullets, bombs, knives, the blood of friends and lovers and innocents pooling around me, do you really think there's anything left that will stop me?"


1984- July 4th, Virginia, Born.
1988 - Moved to Charlotte North Carolina
2002 - Joined Navy as a Hospital Corpseman
2003 - Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, March–May
2004 - Participated in Operation Secure Tomorrow, Haiti, March–July 2004
2005 - Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, October 2004-April 2005
2005 - Awoke during Firefight.
2006 - Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, March–October 2006
2007 - Returned to Camp Legeune as primary post.
2008 - Returned to Civilian life and to Charlotte


  • Ghost/Mike Harmon - Paladin of Shadows Series
  • Rider (Alexander the Great) - Fate/Zero Anime
  • Patrick Hennessey - Carrera Series

Character Description

James looks to be in his mid-late 20's. He isn't pretty but one can tell he is extremely physically fit and moves with an almost supernatural grace. He generally can be seen in BDU pants, jungle boots, and a black t-shirt, unless he's at work in which case he also wears his Doctor's coat.


A murmuring of distant voices and a sense of being watched fills the area while a shimmering of Chi appears around Doc's eyes.


Trevor McGowan


Looking For

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Former Team-mates


  • It's said he has vials of liquid Abyss and Angel blood hidden somewhere.
  • Was once forced to kill entities declaring themselves as Angels due to them using Sleepers as disposable experimentation mice.
  • Doc has a hollow leg. He once used it to drink a murder of Banishers under the table.


  • "This is Doc ... He's a Doctor."
  • "One of my closest living relatives and closest allies. I am glad that he proves to be a capable mage day in and day out." -Trevor McGowan
  • "Doc es good person. Lil' more in de lime light then I would wanna be in" - Bodhi Vajra-Kai
  • "Doc knows his shit and takes care of his people. That's all you need in a C-O." - Roark
  • "He's more patient than I am." -Bagheera
  • "No one could ask for a better CO. I'd follow him to the gates of Hell itself if he asked me to, and trust him to get us out alive if he said he could. - Lucifera
  • "I have heard much of him, though I have not had much opportunity to meet Doc. I look forward to the day I get that honor." - Maester
  • "How many of you are there man??" John Vimes
    • "How many more do we need?" Doc
  • "He must be charming, because he got me to mention my mother and I didn't want to stab anyone. And I managed to wait a whole five seconds before having dirty thoughts about his magic..... To be fair he was naked, I had other priorities." Isnana
  • "Doc? The will worker? Haha he's the actual Doctor Manhattan. Legit." DJ Radix
  • "Extremely impressive. Knowledgeable, physically exceptional, and - from what I could see, though I am not sure he was planning on being quite that exposed - rather charming, I was very pleased to make his acquaintance." Wooster
  • "Dragons!"....No really...but DRAGONS!" Hawk
  • "The guy I trust to talk me into and out of the right fights, and also the one I want at my back in them. Or in general." Isnana
  • "They say the opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity. Doc stands outside the rest as an Arrow and is a shining example for others to follow." Lana Volkov




Music: General Playlist:
Skillet - Not Gonna Die "This is how it feels when you take your life back. This is how it feels when you finally fight back. When life pushes me I push harder"
Skillet - Rise "Sound it off, this is the call! Rise in revolution! It's our time to change it all, Rise in revolution!"
Trapt - Bring It "I'm gonna hit you, right where it hurts. I'm gonna give you, everything that you deserve...Bring it! bring it! I'm still right here undefeated!"
Imagine Dragons - Warriors "Here we are, don't turn away now (don't turn away), We are the warriors that built this town"

Starting Act:
Flipside - Someday "Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'"
Hollywood Undead - Lion "I am a Lion and I want to be free..."

Mid Act:
Thousand Foot Krutch - E for Extinction "I'm not the same as yesterday..."

Ending Act:
Flobots - Handlebars - "My reach is global, My tower secure, My cause is noble, My power is pure..."
Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon "Let's go! I'm tired of being ordinary, don't care if there's people staring..."