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Awakening PC

Player: Rebecca Murphy
Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Legacy: Uncrowned King
Consilium: Signum Lucidium •••
City: Ankeny, IA
Cabal: The Court of Friendship
VST: Skyllar Robben

Basic Information

Shadow Name: Doccione (pronounced Doh-Cho-Nae) -- Mundanely goes by Jessica Knight
Given Name: Katie Jamison
Birthday: March 15, 1986
Title: First Talon, Doorwarden

Mage Community

Cabalmates: Pandora, Dreamcaster, 'Trainwreck'
Adamantine Arrow: First Talon


  • Questions Doccione frequently asks herself about any object or substance she comes across:
    • "How can I make this better?" and
    • "How can I use this to beat the ever-loving crap out of someone if I need to?"
  • She couldn't get a fling, much less a date.
  • Feel free to add some!

Said About/To Her

  • "You're a 20 watt bulb in a 100 watt world, bless your lil heart." - Hypatia
  • "I think the waters have become murkier, and where she thinks she see's who I am more clearly, it is clouded by her own projections and emotions. She is another Arrow, not unlike any of the others I have met. I hoped that she would be something greater. I'll continue my search for an Arrow that I can trust." - Shofar
  • "She's strong and determined, an yet with the kids she's as gentle as a baby kitten." - Hypatia
    • "More like a tiger with her cubs but I get where you're going." - Akuma
  • "Lemme go, ya meathead!" - Tevye
  • "Risks are worth taking. Why bother living otherwise?" - Lana Volkov
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Music She Trains To

  • Blood Bound - Hammerfall
  • Drones - Rise Against
  • Indestructable - Disturbed
  • Kick in the Teeth - Papa Roach
  • Lift Me Up - Five Finger Death Punch
  • Rise - Yoko Kanno
  • Stronger Than All - Hammerfall
  • The Pheonix - Fall Out Boy
  • War - Sick Puppies
  • Way of the Warrior - Hammerfall
  • You're Going Down - Sick Puppies

Inspirational Music

  • Come With Me Now - The Congos
  • Count on Me - Default
  • Dust - Eli Young Band
  • Rise - Yoko Kanno