Doctor Johann Schmidt

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Dr. Johann Schmidt

Information Known by Kindred Society

Sect:Camarilla •••••
Player:Matthew Patrick
Storyteller:K. Smith

Born: 1300's in Vienna, Austria

Embraced: 1361

Academic Focus: Warfare

Current Position: Myrmidon of Clan Brujah

Status: 5

Publicly Known Timeline


Year Timeline Detail
1361 Johann receives the embrace.
1361 After mere months, Rictus releases Johann and instructs him to travel and learn the ways of kindred society from other allies. He is instructed to eventually return to Vienna when he is ready.
1650 Johann returns to Vienna. He remains Independent despite the formation of the Camarilla. What exists of Clan Brujah in the area looks to Johann for advice, but Johann stays out of the affairs of the locals.
1679 Johann gets exiled from Vienna.
1750 Johann travels to the New World and is disgusted with slavery. He continues to ignore kindred society and instead dedicate himself to inflicting his pain and wrath upon the depraved and wretched.
1776 Johann puts his services to work for the Continental army.
1800's Johann serves as a Bounty Hunter. He makes it a habit of causing problems for plantation owners.
1863 Johann fights for the Union along his family.
1865 The abolition of Slavery. Johann celebrates.
1866 Celebration and jubilation is cut short over the news of the death of Johann's sire Rictus. Johann is once again despondent and proceeds to go on a pilgrimage west.
1890 Johann eventually meets up with the rest of his brood and announces his formal pledge to avenge his sire's death, and shockingly announces his joining The Camarilla.
1947 During the height of the Anarch Revolt, Johann sacrifices his honor to set a plan in motion. After murdering the Seneschal of Riverside CA, Johann Schmidt is immediately bloodhunted in Riverside.
1980's With the speed of the technology boom looming, Johann sought out and poached a ghoul to embrace.
2013 Johann's plan comes to fruition and Max Powers becomes the new Prince of Riverside. Johann is exonerated of his crimes and is named Advisor to the Prince.



Lineage: Comperion

Grand Sire: Altamira

Sire: Rictus Comperion

Out of Character Info

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Riverside, CA
Player: Matthew Patrick
Storyteller: [Kristopher Smith]

Player: Matthew Patrick

MES Number: US2009043890

Location: Riverside, CA

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