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Changeling PC

Player: Josh Ritz
Character: Doctor Sage
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering
Court: Autumn
Freehold: Unsworn

From twisted trails my shop consigns
the gifts it holds of great benign
may all my riches nourish thine


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Character Information

Name: Doctor Sage

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Flowering

Court: Autumn

Mien: The sound of crunching autumn leaves follows him, and all plants he holds seem to tinge brown at his touch. His body is covered in ornate flowers, which appear to be smothered by hedge vines and foliage sprouting from various places on his body. He hides this beneath his outfit, but occasionally, these visibly shift beneath his clothes.

Notable Traits: Stylish yet conservative raiment. Stark, wiry build. Carries a satchel and ledger with him at all times. Insistence on addressing people by formal title.

Title or Position: Educator of the Academy of Dissonance, Ashen Academy Ranger, Magi of the Gilded Thorn

So they say

Dr. Sage is a traveling salesman specializing in selling goblin fruits and oddments at market. His booth, ‘Dr. Sage’s Horticulture & Curios’ offers a variety of selection thanks to his many travels, knowledge and dealings with the hobs. He recognizes though that to sell solely in the hedge is no way to run a business, so he dedicates time to make community calls to freeholds during their monthly gatherings to give them first pick of his inventory and to offer a variety of other services. In his free time, Dr. Sage likes to explore the hedge and map its treasures, using his experiences to serve as an educator of changeling survival. His customers most often cite his eager customer service, his determination to complete a job, and his friendly quaint demeanor why his shop is so frequented…


"How can help you Sir?"

"I believe it always appropriate, Miss, to err on the side of caution when dabbling in these matters."



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OOC Information


Player: Josh Ritz

MES Number: US2011118201

Location: CA-053-D