Doktor Enigma

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Awakening PC

Player: Brian B.
Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council
Consilium: Alexandria, VA
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: Sons of Tesla
VST: Josh Robison

Doktor Enigma
Doktor Enigma caught by camera in mid-incantation
A young Doktor Enigma performing science in his laboratory

Birth Name: unrevealed

Shadow Name: Doktor Enigma

Sleeper Alias: unrevealed

Offices: none currently held

Character Livejournal: none


1974 born in an undisclosed location
2012 Awakened via dream
2013 joined The Sons of Tesla


Gob Bluth

Character Description

Doktor Enigma fashions himself as a mysterious, mad scientist. The fact is, he is neither mad, nor a scientist by training (although he is a quick study for one and has endless enthusiasm for research). He supports himself by performing magic shows (sometimes with real magic) at childrens' birthday parties and similar events, but relishes the time he can spend in his growing laboratory, where he spends time randomly mixing chemicals and alchemic substances together to see what happens. Somewhat reckless, he has a strong desire to become a talented mage. He is generally quiet, unless engaged in conversation, where he often refers to himself in the third person.


Swirling pitch black with even darker aspects. Preternaturally quiet. If you focus on it for a moment you might see a quick movement out of the corner of your eye.


  • Is Doktor Enigma really known as Lord Enigma to the inhabitants of Rockall?
  • Doktor Enigma doesn't like parsley. How is this possible? Is it because of some particularly dark event in his legendarily mysterious past?
  • He thinks he is a superhero...probably cause he's read one too many comic books!


Perhaps Doktor Enigma hails from the remote islet of Rockall? His past is shrouded in mysteries so deep that only he can peer through them all!

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names”