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Clan: Harbinger of Skulls

Status: Initiated, Blessed

Notable Traits: Atrophied and skeletal, with glowing eyes. Wears intricate masks forged from a strange metal. Dresses well.

Pack: Oubliette


  • One of those weird Harbingers. Where did they come from?
  • I hear he's fucking ANCIENT.
  • Somebody told me he has a severe hard-on for icing Giovanni.
  • Dude has like, dozens of Ghost servants. He's always watching.
  • I hear he's an ambitious fucker.

Known History

Dollmaker joined the Sword of Caine in the early 1900's, and became the Priest of Oubliette. The avid and skilled Necromancer has spent the last century tearing a bloody swathe across the Land of the Dead, gathering as much power as he can. His Coven aided heavily in the East Coast Siege, and about a decade back he killed his Ductus in Monomacy and took the position.

Oubliette slaughtered the Giovanni 'rulers' of Half Moon Bay, California and have claimed it as their own.

Known Family

Sire: Unstated

Childer: The Librarian, Numerous Others

Grandchilder/Other Descendants: Numerous over the years.


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OOC Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Joey Z.
Character: The Dollmaker
Clan: Cappadocian
Position: Ductus
Status: Initiated, Blessed
Domain: Myst
VST: Matt H.

Player: Joey Z.

MES Number: US2013040145

Location: Monterey, CA