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The Domain of Myst is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please see our domain website,, for in character and out of character details!


For the most updated list of storytellers and other officers, see our website:

Current Court in C/A

Prince: Benedict Verren
Sheriff: Jack "JD" Duke
Harpy: Arden
Ventrue Primogen:Alexandra Alessi
Toreador Primogen: Aurélie Céleste Fortescue
Tremere Primogen: Vacant
Nosferatu Primogen: Thea Mallory
Gangrel Primogen: Ragnar Runeshaper
Bruja Primogen:

Other Members


Cam/Anarch: Every 4th Saturday at 8pm
Sabbat: Every 5th Saturday at 8pm, some 1st Saturdays when 5th is not available, otherwise online
Werewolf: the Apocalypse: Every 2nd Sunday at 4pm

Location Sites

Cam/Anarch and Accord are usually played at the Ygnacio Valley Library.

Werewolf is played in Golden Gate Park, usually at Lindley Meadow.

Request to be added to our Facebook page for current event invites!

Monthly Reports

Please see our website for a full record of past reports.