Domhnall Maloney "Breaks the Whip"

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Character Information

Character Information
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Changing Breed: Garou
Breed: Homid
Pack: None
Sept: Sept of The Valley of The Moon
Rank: Fostern
Honor: ••••
Wisdom: ••••
Player: Jonathan Cutcher
Storyteller: VST Woody Purdy

Name: Domhnall Maloney "Breaks the Whip" aka Domhnall O'Keefe

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Bone Gnawers

Position: None

Renown: Fostern

Domain: Unconquered Sun


Domhnall has dark hair and ashen colored skin, mainly from living on the soot covered streets.
Under the grime, he's white if vaguely suntanned, but only so much as he can avoid it.
He frequently wears a conservatively cut leather jacket, along with a maroon set of corduroy jeans with patchwork emboss.
His clothes appear to be from some sort of discount store or Goodwill.
He sports a surprisingly well trimmed beard, though his hair is always unkempt and routinely shaggy or windswept, often falling over his eyes before being brushed aside.
On particularly bad hair days he occasionally wears a solid black baseball cap to hide his unseemly hairdo.
Alternatively, he may opt to cut his hair every few months or so, using a bowie knife he bought at a bargain store somewhere, he forgets where.
This is the only use his knife ever sees.
Domhnall generally looks like one of those bums who's been sober for just long enough to try and land a job interview.
Though maybe a little less strung out.
When he chooses, Dom cleans up somewhere between adequate and decent.
Its not great but, eh, its good enough.

Almost as rare as a Frog singing The Michigan Rag but even less likely to happen...


Steven Voegel (Deceased) believed Domhnall to be mentally deficient, or in his words, "Retarded"

Domhnall hides behind Mouse, despite being otherwise non-spiritual

He once taught a Lupus to drive stick-shift

Dom sleeps with a Night-Light on

Domhnall refuses to shift from his breed form, Homid

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"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." - A New Hope
"I've always been more of a cat person" - Domhnall O'Keefe

  • "You can't understand how much I value Breaks the Whip, really. The first time I saw him, he was a blithering, sniveling wreck being punished for something. I thought to myself, 'Have I ever seen a Garou more craven, or weak?', and then I sat back stunned as I realized that I of all Garou thought these things. I who did my level best to hide from the Ratkin War and the Nation, to pursue my dreams. I see in him a being with much room for growth, it's true, but I will see the *whole* journey and I will watch him fail, succeed, and slide back into old habits after he has thought them conquered. In him, I will see a more whole person than many Garou are ever afforded the chance to be. In some ways, his journey of growth is the hope of our future, because without changing, we will all die. Let us hope that Breaks the Whip succeeds in bettering himself, as we all must." - Noah Rahmat

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