Dominiq de Morangias

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Clan: Toreador Antitribu

Faction: Moderate

Path: Path of Lilith

Dominiq de Morangias always took a close, personal interest in other people. With the benefit of perspective, she now describes her mortal self as a ‘nosy gossip and interfering busybody’. This was not, as it turned out, bad preparation for unlife, and as a ‘conniving politician’, she spent some time playing that game. There is no such thing as society, she says, at least not for vampires. All that matters are individual Kindred, and their personal spiritual progression, and they need to be helped along the path to spiritual enlightenment, whatever it takes. She makes it her business to know about others, and is more interested in personal qualities than in political affiliations. Alas, it is impossible to learn a great deal about one vampire without knowing something about her allies as well. Her knowledge is surprisingly broad and she offers advice based on this knowledge. Her pack is of course the primary recipients, and do tend to get unsolicited suggestions, but she makes herself available to anyone with questions. Even when her advice is accepted, it never leads to an easy existence. Cainites can only make progress if they continue to push themselves. In a one-on-one situation, she is very focused on the others, really listening to what they say, and offering advice that is clearly tailored to the listener. Her advice is always phrased as suggestions, and is rarely what the other vampire wants to hear — although they are often compelled to concede its truth. She never commands, although she expresses disappointment with those who reject her counsel, taking steps to ensure that they make spiritual progress despite their willfulness. A few words in the right ears, and she knows the right ears, can turn a simple game of instinct into a nightmare of pursuit. She does not mean others to be destroyed, and although accidents happen, her intention is for others to face tribulation, and learn from it.

Update: Former Ductus and founder of the Heralds of Woe. She was one of the four survivors who escaped the fall of Sacramento to the Camarilla in 1869, and returned with the Vanguard of the Four Pillars in 1999 to take the city back. Following the Nights of Turmoil she helped to establish her coven and protect its interests until one night she disappeared without a trace. It was later discovered that she was a member of the Volgirre and had joined with them in defecting to the Camarilla.

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