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Accord PC

Player: Elizabeth Jackson
Creature Type: Mage
Division: TBD
City: Orange County, CA
VST: DST Jeremy

Character Information

Creature Type: Mage, Obrimos Free Council
Notable Traits: Dark hair, an even tan, and a calm demeanor mask her Irish heriatge well. Her relaxed attire and fondness for being barefoot make her the most unsuspecting medical professional around. But once she opens her mouth, she puts all doubt to rest and it's known through her quick wit and sharp tongue. Title or Position: TBD

Known Associates

Sticks and Stones...

Snarking off (Quotes By)

Care to repeat that to my face? (Quotes About)

A silent mouth is melodious(Rumors)

  • Developed a cup that keeps her tea warm.
  • Holds patents on hundreds of useful medical devices. As soon as she can find a way to keep people from profiting from them, she'll release them.
  • Lost a friend to The Truth.
  • He was her lover, and a mortal.
  • He was a Mage. His name is embrodered on the hem of her skirt.
  • He was a she.
  • Keeps Warg around as a test-subject. He doesn't mind. Hell, half the time he doesn't even feel it.
  • Met Duct-Tape Jones years ago. She won't admit to this, even under duress.

OOC Information

Player: Elizabeth Jackson

MES Number: US2010106842

Location: Orange County, CA

Also plays:
Stephanie Reinholdt
Annamarie Giovanni