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Dorian looking fabulous

Sabbat PC

Player: Adam Hollock
Character: Dorian McKenzie
Clan: Ravnos Antitribu
Position: Priest & Abbot (Shadow Watch)
Domain: PA-015-D
VST: Phil R.

OnyxPathRavnosAnti.png OnyxPathSabbat.png

I've got to hand it to you
You've played by all the same rules
It takes the truth to fool me
And now you've made me angry

Character Information


  • Dorian McKenzie


  • Ravnos-Anti


Political Faction:

  • Order of St. Blaise


  • Abiding: Ordained

Notable Traits:

  • French
  • Uses Chimerstry like it ain't no thang
  • Bitching house


Quotes & Rumors

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OOC Information

Player: Adam Hollock

Soundtrack of Dorian McKenzie

  • Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide
  • The National - Wasp Nest
  • The Decemberists - This is Why We Fight
  • David Bowie - The Man Who Sold the World

Concept Inspirations

  • Gambit
  • Dr. Strange