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Changeling PC

Dorian Black.jpeg

Player: Jag Griffiths
Character: Dorian Black
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Shadowsoul
Court: Autumn
Entitlement: The Lost Pantheon
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows
Motley: The Witching Hour
VST: Cris Picado

Character Information

Name: Dorian Black

Alias(es): Dorian, Mr. Black, Demian, Kieran, Phobetor, Ikelos

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Shadowsoul

Court: Autumn

Entitlement: The Lost Pantheon

Title or Position: Autumn King, Witch of the Bitter Winds

Notable Traits: Appears to me made entirely of shadows. Dorian has a general aura of dread around him, which feels like that feeling you get when you find yourself all alone in a room that is pitch-black. At a first glance, he has a striking resemblance to one of the Gentry, being terrifyingly beautiful. He is pretty hard to read, due to the masterful poker face he's got, and even though he's got a striking appearance, people seem to have a hard time remembering specific details about him.

Merit Details:

  • Autumn Mantle 5: When standing around Dorian, folks get a general feeling of dread similar to the feeling one gets when trapped in a pitch-black room.
  • Gentrified Bearing: At first glance, Dorian just happens to have a striking resemblance to one of the Gentry...
  • Rigid Mask: His expression just seems unreadable most of the time, and its very hard to figure out what he's thinking or feeling at any given moment.
  • Striking Looks 4: Dorian is attractive, and while he is no supermodel, he has a piercing gaze and striking features that set him apart from your average Joe.
  • Hidden Life 3: He seems to lead a rather private life, and folks typically don't know much about what he's up to. Some folks have a hard time remembering him at all...

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • 2003: Came out of the Hedge and shortly thereafter joined the Freehold known as the "Congress of Odd Fellows."
  • 2003: A few months after his escape, Dorian manifests an Autumn Mantle.
  • 2003: Having heard the rumors of the battles taking place in Green Bay, where armies of Loyalists and Privateers had the Freehold there under siege, Dorian took it upon himself to travel north to Wisconsin to provide any aid he could to that Freehold. Since he was by no means a formidable fighter, he decided to use the fact that he was still fairly fresh out of the Hedge to his advantage. As such, Dorian managed to infiltrate the other side, pretending to be a Loyalist that had just arrived to aid the others against the Freehold. By doing this, he was able to acquire important information about their plans, which he then turned over to those fighting for the Freehold of Green Bay, helping them to turn the tides of battle and eventually defeat the armies of Loyalist and Privateers.
  • 2003-2008: During the next five years, Dorian established himself in both his Freehold and Court. At one point he ran into another Autumn Courtier, whose voice he recognized, and at once they realized that they had shared a Durance together. He forms a Motley along with him and a number of other Ashen Courtiers, calling themselves "The Witching Hour." Along with his Motley mates, they went on to build an impressive Hollow in the Hedge of Washington, DC. This Hollow took the form a huge twisted tower, hiding amongst the vicious thorns of the Hedge, and it came to be known by other members of the local Autumn Court and Freehold as "The Dread Spire." As his influence grew, he was approached by Fisher to form a mutually beneficial agreement. After all, Fisher was King of Winter, and he saw that Dorian had the potential of becoming a Lord of the Freehold himself. Since then, the two have agreed to have an alliance of sorts, and have both of their Courts work with each other when possible.
  • 2008: His own studies on the nature of the Gentry and their magics got Dorian more invested with the Autumn Court, and as his connection to the Season of Fear grew, he received a missive from a member of the Academy of Ashes, inviting him for a visit. So early in 2008, Dorian visited the Academy, eventually becoming inducted into the College of Bitter Winds. He spent a few months in the Academy itself, eventually returning to his Freehold as Summer was coming to an end, right before the changing of the seasons. In Autumn of 2008, Dorian Black gained much prominence in his Freehold, for the Wyrd bestowed upon his brow the Autumn Crown. Becoming the Dread Lord of the Congress of Odd Fellows, he assumed new power in his Freehold, and the responsibility that comes with it.
  • 2008-Present: Since then, Dorian has retained the Crown of Autumn in his Freehold, and has begun to make ties with the Criminal Underworld in DC, hoping to extend his personal influence for his own personal gain, and that of his Court. After all, humans tend to fear the mob...and humans in fear make for a great feast when you sport the Mantle of Autumn!

Current Activities:

Dorian has been calling the Freehold in Washington, DC his home since his escape back in 2003. He is a prominent member of the local Ashen Court, being its current Monarch and having held the crown since 2008. While folks are not entirely sure what he is up to most of the time, he is known to have ties to the local underworld. He also runs around with five other Autumn Courtiers, who all belong to a Motley known as "The Witching Hour." This Motley is known to have built a Hollow in the local Hedge, which is known as the "Dread Spire," which is a twisted tower that looms over the vicious thorns in the Hedge.


The Witching Hour




  • The Gentry
  • Loyalists
  • Privateers

Character Inspirations

  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Pitch Black (Rise of the Guardians)
  • Red Reddington (The Blacklist)



  • "May the Congress of Oddfellows stand together against one and all. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Our differences are what makes us strong. Though we all see the world in a different light, together we will stand resolute and fight; against any incoming storm. Cheers to brotherhood, cheers to us all." - Dorian's toast during the Summer feast in June 2013.
  • "I consider him skilled enough to appreciate him as an ally, and recognize that I would value him even as a worthy opponent. I can think of no better way to explain the respect I hold for Dorian Black." - Fisher, Winter Monarch
  • "Him? Him? Yes him. I like him. He makes all the dark wiggly things wiggly." - Vix
  • "Dorian!? Dorian is amazing! He's my best friend ever, and I love making sure he is safe! He is just such a wonderful person -- as close as anyone could be to being perfect! I'm proud to be his knight!" - Bobby
  • "Look, there's a reason he's Ashen King here. Dorian is a scary person and he leads a bunch of scary persons. Yes, I challenge him, to remind him to keep that edge. Don't think for one minute I could beat him. Don't think you could, either." - Lilith Parsons
  • "Dorian is one of the few people that I will go to whenever I feel uncertain of security. While he seems approachable most of the time, he's also a little scary." - Becky
  • "Dorian is wise and he has all my respect." - The Devil


  • He's absolutely heartless.
    • Yeah, because when he escaped Arcadia, he left his compassion behind!
  • He's a total, no joke man!
    • Bullshit! He's an absolutely charming gentleman, and anyone who says else is a liar.
  • He's been looking for something since his escape, but no one knows what it is.
  • Some say he studied some forbidden lore while he attended the Academy of Ashes.
    • Well, duh! He isn't a Witch of the Bitter Winds for no reason.
  • He really is one of Them! He just disguises himself to fool the rest of us...
    • Yeah, I heard he is one of the Banished.
  • I hear he made a deal with Autumn...and he sold his own soul in the exchange.
  • Dorian spends so much time in his library because he's trying to form an oath with fear itself.
  • Dorian doesn't like pudding.
  • His shadow is the one part of himself that his keeper could never take away. When he came back out through the thorns instead of gaining back parts of his soul, his shadow just got darker and darker until that's all he was.
  • He is Autumn monarch because he is the scariest Changeling in the freehold.
  • When he smokes, the fire from the smoke becomes a part of him.
  • Dorian is actually terrified of himself, and wants nothing more in the world than to feel warm inside once more.
  • Likes to go hunting in the hedge with his Beastly court mates.
  • Dorian sold his freedom to the True Fae to acquire the girl of his dreams, who then went on to marry his fetch.
  • Dorian is frightened of the Thing that resides in the basement of The Dread Spire
  • Dorian is actually a Mirrorskin.
  • Bill,makes Dorian nervous.

OOC Information

Player: Jag Griffiths

MES Number: US2009114979

Location: Washington, D.C.