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Character Information

Name: Dorian Burroughs

Aliases: Mr. Grey

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Camarilla

City: Atlanta, GA

Titles: Master Harpy of Atlanta, Master of the Guild of the Climbing Rose

Status: Acknowledged in the Camarilla, Confirmed as an Elder, Established as an Elder, Privileged as an Elder, Acclaimed by Primogen Greenwood

Guilds & Societies: The Atlanta Arts Council, Guild of the Climbing Rose

Debtors and Creditors make the world go round... if people don't owe something they won't work... if people don't work nothing would get done... if nothing gets done the world falls apart. quid sit in die, etiam noctu.

Dorian is a no nonsense businessman and patron of the Roses, he has been active in the state of Georgia since the 1880's. He tends to go by his alias (Mr. Grey) even in Kindred circles because his repeated dealings with Kine has made his behavior to maintain the Masquerade by hiding his identity reflexive.

Dorian is admired as an economist and scholar of kindred prestation, over the years he has advised a number of elders and princes on ways in which they can maximize the trade of their boons to push forward their agendas and secure their cities. Even though Dorian carries a great deal of respect in the sect he does not refer to himself as an elder, and bristles when such a title is placed upon him. He prefers that kindred understand that his esteem has been earned through cunning service rather than age.



House of Thorne

Scholarly Works

Most of these works are in regards to the workings, economics, and theories on prestation and politics.

  • Prestation for Neonates: A simple pamphlet style document that explains what prestation is, how you get it, and why you need it.
  • On the Prestation of Cities: An early treatment of a treatise on the observation that prestation centralization is a leading indicator to social and civil unrest in kindred societies. I will admit it is a little dry.
  • Politics & Poker: An introduction to an alternative way of viewing strategy in kindred society.


  • "Insightful and intelligent. He has my respect and admiration." - Orenna
  • "I've met Elder Burroughs in person only once. To his credit, it was putting his life on the line for the honor of our Toreador blood." Kendrick Seamus O'Shea, Toreador Primogen in the Domain of Waterloo
  • "I have to respect someone who has worked his way into being an elder rather than being granted it by age or blood. So far he's shown himself to be extremely level headed in matters of import to the domain." - Henry Fuller
  • "Elder Burroughs is a man of many talents, but first among them is likability, and that's an all too-rare quality." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "I have always heard that he is very 'sensible'. I like him, but I very much suspect that I am not his sort of woman. I look forward to knowing him better." - Jillian Renard
  • "A brilliant cousin and contemporary. That said, I wouldn't dare try to compare his bevy of accomplishments to my meager ones, and neither should you. It's like contemplating the universe on an astronomical scale; some people hurt themselves just trying to fathom it." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "My nephew's understanding of our ways have impressed many. It is no wonder his elevation has come so swiftly." - Feodor Krasny
  • "My Dorian, he is brilliant, charming, dangerous and everything I expect a Thorne of my line to be. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store." Lilly Belle Stafford Thorne
  • "Dorian is many things, we could spend many nights speaking of his merits at length but for brevity I would call him Exceptional. There are very few I would want to work with on matters of importance but Dorian will always be one of them. Oh, and he's always so well dressed!" - Theobald Albrecht


  • Dorian's alias "Mr. Grey" came from his clanmate Santiago de Castille being unable to remember his name. And it just stuck.
  • He grins a little too much when he brags that he has no enemies.
  • There is a rumor swirling that he may have a team of ghouls who are quite adept at destroying vampires in their havens.
  • Dorian and his clanmate Constance make wagers on every event in Atlanta. One of them is a gambling addict, the other an enabler - but neither will tell you which is which.
  • Dorian frequents the Clairmont Lounge because he is entranced by the artistry with which Blondie crushes cans with her cleavage and the amazing work that was done in crafting her body.
  • All of Dorian's childer are attractive women... and they all hate each other.
  • When asked, Dorian will say that the written and spoken word are his art forms, they are not. It is demagoguery.
  • Even when battle is swirling around him, Dorian has the presence of mind to notice good fashion.

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OOC Info

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Mike B.
Storyteller: Richard D.
Member Information
Player: Mike B
Member Number: US2002056114
Nation: US
Region: SE
Domain: GA-010-D
Coordinator: Aldea B

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