Dottie Jo

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  • "My name's Dorothy Ann Margaret Katherine Birdie Mahala McCandless, but you can jus' call me Dottie Jo."
  • "He's Sabbat? Well, shit. I thought he was kinda cute. Now he's gotta die."
  • "It's terrible when ya get a demon problem. They're like raccoons. You gotta keep a tight lid on the garbage or they'll move in and get ev'rywhere."
  • "You outta talk to my primogen. He's just the kind of sum'bitch you need for these problems."
  • When asked to add her wisdom to a conversation: "Well, fuck, I didn't bring any of that with me."
  • "Well, I heard ya'll were building a new domain and I thought, what's a domain without a lot of Tremere? A lot less creepy, that's what."
  • "A Sabbat meetin' in Waffle House ain't that hard to fathom when nightfall's when all the human weirdos gather there, too."
  • "See, I don't actually know jack shit about the occult. I'm just the bookkeeper. I order supplies and shit."
  • "My parents raised me to be polite."
  • "Well, ma'am, a lady is supposed to say that size doesn't matter. In the case of your city's gather, I'm bettin' it's true."


  • Dottie Jo isn't as dumb as her heavy redneck accent implies. But it's close.
  • Though typically to the point in her speech, Dottie Jo's more entertaining stories can ramble on for hours.
  • When people ask her to work on occult problems, she usually answers with "I'm not that kind of Tremere."
  • She is, however, the kind of Tremere that solves problems with a shotgun.
  • Someone asked, in a throwaway remark, how Southerners lived before air conditioning. Dottie Jo provided a ten minute lecture about the passive cooling features of vernacular Southern architecture.
  • Leave your rumors, here.

Player: Kimberly D.
Direct Storyteller: Daniel D.
Domain: Macon, Georgia