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Changeling PC

Player: Cris P.
Character: Doug Hund
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Truefriend
Court: Spring
Entitlement: Order of the Hallowed Garden
Freehold: The Congress of Oddfellows
VST: Cris P.


I am currently an inactive player.

Character Information

Known Aliases: Douglas Bremerman, PhD

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Truefriend

Court: Spring

Entitlement: The Order of the Hallow Garden

Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows

Institution: Emerald Society

Motley: The Kinder Brigade

Notable Traits

  • Has to use a cane and walks with a pronounced limp.
  • Wears thick glasses to see normally.
  • Fingers are stained green, as though if he had been working with plants in the recent past and hadn't had time to clean.


  • Mantle - Doug smells like fresh cut grass and fresh rainwater. He has a warmth to him like that of the spring sun when you play outside. (Mantle 4)
  • Mask - To those who have seen it, he is a senior citizen of "German American" looking ancestry in his late 60's to early 70's. He usually doesn't have to ask for the "senior citizen discount" and older people tend to want to talk to him about "the good old days".
  • Mein - Doug is a very human looking canine. He appears to be mostly a Alsatian/German Shepherd type dog. He has short hair on his face and dog like features, but lack a muzzle and has human ears. The hair on his head is dark that has signs of grey and age along with deep rich brown eyes. He wears thick framed glasses and usually not very stylish, often wearing the stereotypical garb of a professor such as ugly jackets (often tweed), bad ties or worst yet...bow ties. He is never seen without a flower and has to walk with assistance of a cane.

Titles of the Wyrd

  • Gardner - He is an architect of renewal and change. Those who seek him out will find he has spots of rest and respite.

Titles of Service

  • Lord Knight Claviger of the Emerald Society (Honorary Title) - This title is now only honorary with Emerald Society. Doug was at one time a renowned knight but was gravely injured in the line of service. He survived but was mustered out with honors. As a token of appreciation of service he was allowed to keep the title even though he has a diminished skill in arms due to his injury.
  • Veteran of Emerald City - Given to any Lost who defended the Freehold of Emerald City (Green Bay, Wisconsin) in the 90's from the two armies of Loyalists.

Voted Titles

  • Archivist (2015) - The Archivist holds the responsibility of organizing and executing The Emerald Society’s rituals and celebrations such as Spring Revel. The Archivist is decided by popular vote among the Emerald Society,and serves a term for a single year.

Professor Douglas Bremerman to most folks. Beloved history teacher, adviser to the gardening club and the medieval arts and sciences club -- Artwork by Owen P


  • Often will drive by the US Soldiers' and Airmen's Home and park...just to watch it.
  • Is Bobby's uncle. Or older brother.
  • Drinks from the toilet when no one's looking.
    • Okay once and it was filled with rum punch at a party. He is still embarrassed at how drunk he got.
      • While drunk very interesting things happened...Doug is still not sure what.
  • Chases after cars on a regular basis. He just calls it a workout.
    • He thought it was driven by a bunch of foul mouthed Hobs.
  • When Doug first escaped the hedge, he had within him such rage that most people thought he was going to join the Summer Court. Few people know what happened to change him.
  • Argues with Lana like they are a married couple.
  • Speaks fluent German now. He isn't sure how he does. He is remembering bits of Berlin...but different than now.
  • Enjoys yard work, especially gardening.
  • Hangs out with Barnabas for "steak night" where they talk about famous battles and hypothetical "who would win" scenarios.
  • Doug has nightmares about a "Cone of Shame".
    • He yelps in his dreams when it's a "cone" dream.
  • Hates being a Beast more than anything in the world.
    • Doug actually hates the stereo-type that all Beasts are stupid, ignorant and uneducated. He is advocating for "Beast-Kin Rights" and actively is trying to change the image of the "dumb beast".
    • He has strong opinions about fictional depictions of beast-right groups. Don't get him started.
  • Can be stopped in his tracks by a newspaper to the nose.
  • Is a member of a group somewhat like the SCA, but much more into sword and sorcery type fantasy than history.
    • He goes out for long weekends of jousting, armored combat and at times stops Privateers from abducting "yonder fair maiden" from these events.
  • Founded the Red Hat Society as the result of a side project.
Doug Hund aka to Lost and folks who can see past his Mask. -- Artwork by Owen P

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  • "I might have a limp, but I have a strong sword arm and if you come come back here and I will thrash you soundly." - Doug Hund in regards to combat.
  • "Doug! How about this: You teach me to fight with a sword, and I'll teach you how to dance with a glow-staff! Sound fair??" - DJ Radix
  • "Another qualified mind to discuss matters, even if it is not in science. I hear his sword is more effective than his bite. Was that not the joke? Quit staring in confusion at me, I attempted humor, the least you minions can do is laugh!" - Professor Mercury
  • "Doug seems to always have a surprise or two up his sleeve when you least expect it. He's always approachable but might take a little time to get back to you since he has a lot of responsibilities, especially during the school year." - Becky
  • "Fought beside him, glad to have done so. He's pretty cool, though I mostly hang out with him because I'm buddies with his horse....lizard...thing." - Martin Weir
  • "He was kind and generous to me from the moment we met and he didn't know me from Eve. Gestures like that stick with you and make an impression." - SantaAna
  • "I won't talk about Arcadia anymore. But he did ask where I got my powers." - Tevye

Friends, Enemies and Other Poor Sods


Coat of Arms used by Sir Marcus Brunner, Medieval Enthusiast and by Doug Hund when he served actively as a Lord Knight Claviger for the Emerald Society


  • Bobby - Doug and him had their differences, which has been settled recently.

Key Locations

These locations are known to characters if they have visited or been told of such locations from characters ICly. If in doubt on any IC knowledge, please consult with the VST.

Doug's Office...

It is a very large corner office with a large window that is open in spring and summer to let in sunlight. The size of the room defiantly speaks to being a "tenured professor" at a successful school and the name plate on the door reads "Professor Douglas Bremerman". The office is decorated with heavy looking, dark wood paneling, a large executive desk, several built into the wall book shelves. The furniture is old style, hand made, thick wood furniture that looks to weigh a ton compared to modern day light stuff. The shelves and walls have various plaques, awards and trophies on it. They share space with photos of Doug with various students, teachers, parents and knick knacks, gifts and keepsakes from students over the years. There is an old TV in the corner that is "more wood than TV" with rabbit ears on top and two VCR's. One VCR is beta-max and one more modern VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray player.

The shelves have all kinds of books, lots of vintage WWII era books, and items on them. There is a few photos of a hairless cat wearing a sweater and folks at a Middle Ages type reenactment group. One picture depicts a hairless cat in what appears to be a suit of armor. There is a cabinet in a kitchenette area with plates, glasses, flatware, silverware, a cup full of fondue forks and a small condiment caddy with various things in it that has a sign on it that says "Natalie's Caddy" in beautiful Old English letters. The coffee maker appears to have coffee in it and there is an electric teapot next to it, both on top of a small fridge.

Lastly there is sitting area with comfy couches, low table and a couple chairs and a large dark oak type wood, "Chronicles of Narnia"esqe wardrobe also in the corner. It is beautifully hand car with oak leaves, flowers, stags, hunting dogs and scenes of spring. It's half open and if you look just right you see clothes and stuff but the glint of a sword.

Other Places.... TBD


  • My high school social studies, history, econ and other subjects teacher Mr. SanFilippo. He is such a great teacher and an inspiration to me and many other former students.
  • Various police and military working dogs.
  • Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets

OOC Information

Player Name: Cris P.

MES Number: US2011017223

Location: Washington D.C. (Domain of the Dark Capital)