Dr. Anthony Rose

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Accord PC

Player: Adrian Stewart
Character: Dr. Anthony Rose
Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Dragolescu
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Cell: Le Pac du Ombre
Position: Status 1
Domain: LA-008-D
VST: Evan Miller

Character Information

Name: Dr. Anthony Rose Dragolescu

Age: 99 (appears 25)

Creature Type: Vampire

Title or Positon: Status 2, Head of Research, The Invisible Architect of the Untamed Curse

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Ordo Dracul

Bloodline: Dragolescu

Cell: Le Pac du Ombre

Division: None

Subdivision: None

Operation Participation

Operation: Smoke and Mirrors Operation: Hive Breaker

Appearance and Personality


Dr. Anthony Rose before his ascension is about 6'2" tall, Caucasian American and very lean (only 189lbs). He wears a doctors coat at all times.. His feet are adorned with black socks and black dress shoes of no particular brand. His hair is black, soft, and hangs down to just the mid of his neck. His left eye is blue while his right eye is green which are both covered by glasses. He walks with a small cane and has a gold watch chain sticking out of his pocket connected to a gold watch that no longer runs. He is not hideous but not overly attractive either. On his hip he carries a pistol (a medusa specifically) and on his shoulder he carries a black bag. When looked at with aura sight he appears to have a milky-white glow beneath his flesh.

Currently Dr. Anthony Rose's physical appearance has changed slightly. He is now 6'4", Blonde hair, his eyes have become red and his Romanian accent is gone.


Dr. Rose is an intelligent, paranoid, asshole. Dr. Rose has also taken to the habit of using we and us as oppose to I and me, he talks to himself more often than he use to and appears to have a odd moments where he just freezes in place when it looked like he was attempting to come to a difficult decision.

Associates and Enemies

Sire - Greg Darlington

Associates & Friends

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Neither Ally nor Enemy


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After having his home "disrespected", the headquarters of Le Pac du Ombre, in his opinion on a number of occasions, informed cell members they had 24 hours to leave. and remove all accord related materials from his property, after which he would destroy his home.
Initiated the count down for said 24 hours unknown to accordist knowledge. Does an excellent Paige impression every time the cell meets "This is MY house!"
"Murdered" by Aiden Black
Ripped off his own reproductive organ to prove a point.
Still exists in spirit form

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"In order for any complex organism to live something else must die."

"Paranoia and survival are not unique to one another"

"You don't kill three people with a car and not acquire blood, skin and hair samples."



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Ties Sought

  • Pretty much anything