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Name: Catherine Caduceus, M.D.
Aliases: Dr. Caduceus, Dr. Cady, Dr. Cadee, Dr. C
Class: Changeling
Age: Middle Aged


Skin pale, almost albino white, eye lashes and brows ivory in color. Hair pulled back in a pony tail streaked with white. Wears a white lab coat and coke-bottle glasses.


Very much the same as her mask, except for her eyes which are very dark and much too large for her head. Her skin is very pale as if the color is draining from her body and her limbs, if seen uncovered, are barely outlines with no substance to them. See through.

Rattle Watch Cell
Changeling the lost - Reach.png

Accord PC

Player: Crystal Brown
Member Number: US2008103026
Domain: NY-008-D
Creature Type: Changeling, Wizened Chirurgeon, Spring Court
Division: A.C.E.
City: New York, NY
VST: Nigel

Curriculum Vitae

Doctor Cadee keeps to herself. During her downtime you can find her tending to her medicinal garden or sipping a cup a tea and reading. She very much likes her privacy, but when she is out among others she is sassy and her opinions have no censure.


Current Placement

Operation: Caldero del Sol


Patient Files

Known Associates


Other Persons

Performance Reviews

  • "Incredibly capable with amazing skill. I am eager to learn more from her." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "She's competent and that's fine, but... I need to get that girl new glasses. Seriously. Catseye if she'll let me." - Pash Halaby
  • quote - yourname

On Record

  • "Meh, yer all fucking nuts!"
  • "I've got some tissues for yer issues"
  • "I have pills for that attitude problem of yours!"


  • Cadee sold her soul to the believers for her mad medical skills. That is why her body is slowly fading away

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  • Patricia Brooks Sr. My Grandmother
  • I need a Doctor - Eminem Dr. Dre
  • Basket Case - Greenday

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