Dr. Charles Reimer

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Matt Wimmer
Storyteller: Retired

Professor Charles Reimer is a passionate educator. He has devoted himself to knowledge in all forms. He believes that life should be a quest for self-betterment through learning.

Following the execution of his sire by Zachariah White for forcing him to infiltrate a Tremere facility related to the registration of magic users, Prof. Reimer left San Francisco for several years. During this time he traveled the world and learned a great many new things. He also used this time to continue educating, through a traveling lecture series.

His primary academic pursuits include music, astronomy and physics. Also more recently he has become involved in the financial industry.

Due to his relative youth, Prof. Reimer continues to teach, though he has limited himself more and more to an occasional guest lecture, as opposed to continuing to teach full time.

Professor Reimer has decided to stand back from kindred society. He mentioned heading to the new library in Scotland and taking a position there.


"It is so refreshing to have an intellectual conversation with someone who has actually read a science text book since an apple fell on Newton's head." --Danielle Ropchan
"The boy seemed to learn some sense in his absence, let's see if he can keep up the façade."--Zachariah White



Lineage: Comperion

Great Great Great Grand Sire: Rictus Comperion

Great Great Grand Sire: Thomas Edwin Thayne

Great Grand Sire: Aurore Baril (deceased)

Grand Sire: Gavin Krieg

Sire: Ivelis Davilla (deceased)

Broodmate: Joel Sunderland (deceased)