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This Character is Deceased

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”
— Edgar A Poe

Ah, welcome. You are just in time for your appointment.

Name: Dr. Daniel Thronvick
Camarilla Position: Prince of Colorado Springs, CO
Clan Position:

  • Elder of Colorado Springs, CO

Lineage: Current Patriarch of The Coronati Lineage
Clan Faction: Regional Deputy Director for the North Central Region of the Ministry of Truth
Notable Traits: Courteous, Personable, Jovial, A Cold Breeze Always Seems to Follow Him (Eerie Presence)
Status Traits:

  • Acknowledged
  • Authority as Prince of Colorado Springs
  • Commander as Prince of Colorado Springs
  • Sovereign as Prince of Colorado Springs
  • Courteous by Harpy Elizabeth Price of Colorado Springs
  • Honorable by Harpy Elizabeth Price of Colorado Springs
  • Confirmed as an Elder of the Blood
  • Established as an Elder of the Blood
  • Privileged as an Elder of the Blood

Physical Description: The good doctor has a fondness for hats and is rarely seen without one. He enjoys wearing glasses because he thinks they make him more trustworthy and intelligent looking to others. He likes to dress well, but often gets wrapped up in his duties and the hospital and at court and forgets to iron clothes or coordinate outfits.

High-Level Concept: A deeply broken mirror who is able to rationalize virtually any course of action. He is a monster that plays at civility.

RP Role: An information broker with specialty in the occult with extensive knowledge in various forms of lore. The good doctor is also well versed in various forms of interrogation (as well as torture) and has a reputation of getting the information that he is after.

Persona: A kindly and personable Elder with some slight eccentricities that are far less obvious than many of his clan.

The Coronati.png
Now now my dear, it is time for your "treatments"

"Ex Tenebris Lux - "From darkness comes light."
— Ministry of Truth

Daniel de Valence was born in 1320. Daniel was born to his mother Elona and his father Aymer de Valence, the 2nd Earl of Pembroke. Daniel was the youngest of three brothers with two younger sisters. As was customary of the time, Daniel's eldest brother would succeed his father's title, the second eldest would join the military, and when Daniel came of age he was sent to a Priory to become a monk. In the monastery he learned to read and write both English and Aramaic so that he could translate the bibles and other texts being brought from the holy land. But where Daniel excelled and found his passion was in the apothecarium. He loved the learning of humors and medicines to heal the body and the spirit.

In 1349 the bubonic plague had reached its way all across Europe and finally struck London. Daniel was the first to don a mask and his robes and take to the streets trying to find the source and, more importantly, the cure. He obsessed day and night to ease the suffering of the infected, but no one was able to ease his obsession with the finding a cure. As he walked the streets and dusk and at night he always felt if there was some presence pushing, or driving him on to complete his cure. He felt helpless and worthless as he watched man, woman, and child die without him being able to affect the advance of the plague in the least. One night he finally let go and accepted his despair: he was small and weak with no ability to affect anything so large and terrible as the plague. That is when he heard the sound of clapping. He turned and say a small figure in the shadows, "Congratulations, you finally understand." With that the figure was on him. He slipped blissfully from this life into his unlife. His Sire left him writhing in his death throes in the street and spoke only this in parting: "Your Great-Grandsire was amused by your efforts and your passion, but she wants you to let her joke play out to its completion." With that, he was alone to raise himself in a Dark Age nightmare.

The greatest lesson his Sire taught him was this: you know the truth, but you do not yet understand. Over the course of years, Daniel was able to track down his sire and followed with him for many years learning as much about his current condition and the history of the Kindred society. Finally he left Octavio witht he intent of amassing more answers for the myriad of questions that plagued him: what was a kindred? What caused the condition? How do we live yet remain dead? Who was the first? Over the years Daniel has been in many spots where madness and medicine intersect. Most notably he was known to buy bodies from Burke and Hare in 1800's London. He was a known for his "progressive" treatment and aggressive categorization of mental disorders in the early 1900's in America; quoted once as saying, "That young Sigmund draws an awful lot of dicks and tits in his text book." All the while his sires final words to him echoed in his soul: who was his Great-grandsire? What was his lineage?

Daniel threw himself into study and exploration looking for pieces of information that might close the loop on his understanding of the vampiric condition. To that end he has come into fragments and incomplete copies of the Book of Nod and other "heretical" writings. What he found in them rang with the truth of his condition and he followed the texts and their lessons. He hid this secret carefully from his sect mates when the writings of the Antediluvians and the mythology of Caine were declared "Heretical" by the Ivory Tower.

After a long hiatus from court politics, Colorado Springs was the perfect place for Dr. Thornvick to resharpen his keen wit and his skill at social manipulation. He was in the city two months before he was named Primogen of Clan Malkavian. As a natural leader armed with a charming wit and disarming smile, all eyes fell to him when the Primogen Council decided they required a different leader for the city of Colorado Springs. Dr. Thornvick made very sure that the transition went smoothly and that all parties were able to save face and feel duly compensated; he is nothing if not fair.

Dr. Thornvick tries to hold on to the Traditions of the Camarilla stronger than many of his kin, because he can feel the Beast within him trying to claw it's way out and he feels that the Traditions are one of the few things that keep his humanity and civility stronger than the monster stalking him from behind his eyes. To that end, Dr. Thornvick has become involved with the Ministry of Truth and is in fact one of the minority inside the Ministry that retains the discipline of Dementation. He finds it effective during interrogations; he says the trick is learning how to speak with the madness not at it. Valuable information has been pulled from many of the detainees given to Dr. Thornvick for questioning.

Vivisections are best done on "live" specemins

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is
fear of the UNKNOWN."
— H.P. Lovecraft

  • "Seems like a pleasant fellow and a straight shooter. He takes pride in his Domain, too. If more Princes acted with passion, I think the Tower would be a brighter place." - Calvin Ames
  • "Dr. Thornvick shows more enthusiasm for any given situation than anyone I have met before. His energy is contagious and I find that there are few things that can't be improved by the addition of both his presence and commentary." - Elizabeth Price
  • "He always seems to have a Plan D. He always has contingencies for his contingencies." - Sean Miliner, Clan Giovanni
  • "When I first used my sight to truly see my brother, I realized I was staring through a cracked and tarnished mirror of callous hunger. His beast noticed that I saw him and smiled colder than the serpents gaze. I was never very comfortable around him alone after that." - Orelia Taipetra
  • "My Brother is a twat; but he always took care of us when we needed it. Remind me to send him a thank you punch in the mouth." - Gabriel Locke
  • "I hear that he has decided to join up with the collective paranoids known as the Thought Police; a pity. Still, perhaps he can showcase to them the true power of our birthright." - Dr. Crowe
  • "Our new Prince may have taken the position without any bloodshed but who knows what lies in the secrets and greed of a twisted mind, though he should be a good prince"-Jacob
  • "Prince Thornvick has my support heartedly. His willingness to take action has been a breath if fresh air." -Samuel Gable
  • "I would prefer not to be on the wrong side of his precision; it's as sharp as a scalpel blade." -Aimee Richilieu de Bisette
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The Grand Masquerade Ball!
"Never trust a man who doesn't swear and who doesn't drink;
but never trust a man who does too much of either."
— S.A. Delacroix

Character Inspiration

  • Dr. Josef Mengele
  • Ted Bundy
  • The Reverend Jim Jones

Dr. Daniel Thornvick

Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: CO-015-D
Player: Jayme Wooster
VST: Mykel McGovern

Name: Jayme Wooster
Member Number: US2014080062
Domain: Colorado Springs, CO

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