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Sabbat PC

Player: Rob Mueller
Character: Dr. Dredd
Clan: Tzimisce
Position: Ductus of The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Status: Initiated, Blessed
Domain: Myst
VST: Matt Hull

Dredd pic.jpg

Information of Note


Name: Dr. Dredd

Former Kine Name: Dr. Pyotr Vasilyvich Drӑgan

Clan: Tzimisce Sect: Sabbat

Embraced: 1719

Generation: Eighth


  • Dr. Dredd
  • Dr. D
  • Dr. Peter Dragon
  • Dr. Dragon
  • That Abomination
  • D (close friends only)


  • Initiated
  • Blessed


  • Ductus

Current Location: Ravenside Mental Alsylum for the Criminally Insane (abandoned)- San Mateo, Ca. Ravenside Asylum.jpg Ravenside sign.jpg Dredd playroom.jpg


  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Moderate.

Concept/Background: Pyotr Drӑgan was born in the kingdom of Wallachia in 1675. Before and shortly after his embrace Dredd was a mild-mannered intellectual who inwardly seethed at the abuse heaped upon him by so-called ‘experts’ who could never match his genius. Dredd’s sire was Ioan Bӑlcescu, his anatomy professor at the Princely Academy of Saint Sava in Bucharest. Ioan used Dredd as a student protégé, with little rights. Dredd resented the fact that his sire took credit for his best discoveries in medicine at the time. Dredd left his sire in a fit of pique. Soon after, he left his human name (and past) behind him. Dr. Dredd then travelled the world as an underground body modification surgeon. Dredd will perform any body modification (no matter how dangerous or illegal) for the right price. Any patient who cannot pay his price, is rude to him, or comes to his home without an invitation, ceases to be a patient and becomes a 'test subject'.

Notable Traits:

  • Loves anything to do with 'the Flesh'.
  • Not bound by traditional concepts of gender, pain or pleasure.

Hulking, brutish, bald man dressed in leather, metal spikes and heavy metal paraphernalia. Although extremely polite and a pleasant conversationalist, one would assume by his demeanor that he is always ready to rip the throat out of whomever he is talking to.


Sire, Childer, and Broodmates:

  • Ioan Bӑlcescu.
  • OOC: Looking for PC blood ties

Truth, Rumor, and Innuendo


  • "I want ALL the Flesh!!!" - Frequently said by Dr. Dredd
  • "I had one patient who called me a 'sadistic asshole' once. I could forgive the insult as he was a lesser being. Rudeness and the disparaging of my work, however, I could never abide. Inspired by his comment, I reversed the subject's alimentary canal. Now he truly knows what it's like to be an 'asshole'." -Dr. Dredd
  • "When the human body experiences too much pain, the body goes into shock and the nerve endings shut down due to overload. This serum will keep that overload from happening, so that I can question you about the experience. Now, if you would kindly cease your screaming and tell me what you feel. Your input is important.
  • Your quote here


  • "Dr. Dredd keeps a pet sharkcat hybrid named 'Scooter' which he feeds his failed experiments to."


  • "Dredd loathes intruders. Anyone who goes to Ravenside Asylum uninvited will be tortured before being killed. Anyone."
  • "Dr. Dredd's ultimate goal is to create a new race of sturdy yet easily-controllable humans to replace the current race. They are to be servants and cattle for the vampires in the city of Gehenna."
  • Although Dredd prefers to appear as an imposing male figure, his true gender changes continually. Dredd could be male, female, both, or neither depending on Dredd's whim.
  • If Dredd has never 'experienced' your flesh (usually meaning killing, fucking, and/or transforming it), then the doctor wants to.



  • Antediluvian lovers

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
City: [[:Category:{{{city}}} Masquerade|{{{city}}}]]
Player: Rob Mueller
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[[Category:{{{city}}} Masquerade]]

Character Inspirations

  • Dr. Mary Mason- from the film American Mary
  • Victor von Doom

Inspiring Quotes

Character Soundtrack

  • Disturbed- "Down With the Sickness" (theme song)
  • AFI- "Prelude 12/21"

Player Information

Rob Mueller

Cam Number: US2014080064
Home Domain: San Francisco
Email: [1]

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