Dr. Hertz

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Accord PC

Player: James Hook
Creature Type: Mage
Division: None
City: Tucson, Arizona
VST: David Musgrove

Character Information

Name: Dr. Hertz

Known Aliases:

  • Dr. Nemesis

Creature Type: Mage

Path: Mastigos

Order: Free Council

IC Talk

Allies & Friends:

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Enemies and Rivals:

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  • "What, does he speak in tongues or something?"
  • "I thought people like him were only in stories..."
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  • "One thing is never so far from another that it cannot be understood with rationality. However, that does not mean that the described thing should be granted pardon for its actions." - Dr. Hertz
  • "A wondrous man, I once saw him turn a herd of gargoyles into a pile of sand, gives a whole new meaning to modern warfare." ~ Juliette d`Escouperie
  • "A sorcerer to match the legends...he can make something from nothing, and nothing from something. Certainly he challenges even Circe." -Ares
  • "Pretty nice guy, quick to volunteer, creative, doesn't neglect mundane medicine like some magic healers do...great addition to the cell, overall. Happy to be working with a veteran." - Shkira Kushnir
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OOC Information

Ties Sought:

  • Other Free Council Members
  • Wizards of any persuasion (Not limited to Mages)
  • Anybody else who might enjoy interesting interactions with a scientific madman


  • Dr. Horrible
  • House, MD
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Soundtrack: Thomas Bergersen - Cry (Sun)
  • Soundtrack: Thomas Bergersen - Our Destiny (Sun)

Player: James Hook

MES Number: US2012110025

Location: Austin, Tx