Dr. Katrina Henricksson

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Dr. Katrina Hendricksson


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Name: Dr. Katrina Hendricksson
Creature Type: Traveler Vampire
Cell: Hub City Hounds, Lafayette, LA
Title: Voice, Cell Physician
Status: 3
Division: The Vault
Status: 1
Non-Accord Status: Invictus, 2


While Dr. Henricksson is petite, pretty, and curvy, something about her always feels just a little too cold, and sometimes almost alien.

While she's something of a chameleon in her choice of attire - among other things- business casual slacks to slinky cocktail dresses with stilettos, to corsets and pvc topping off thigh high boots, the palette never deviates from black, dark greys, and occasionally purple. Bone and skeleton motifs are favorites of hers, and she's often seen wearing jewelry made from bones of unknown origin.

She's barely 5', with dark brunette hair and pale green eyes. She's typically pale in a Slavic sort of way, but her facial features and sometimes even proportions have a habit of changing- and her associates are used to it.


Katrina hides a cold, calculating, sadistic intelligence behind a pretty face, a near-constant smirk, and a a voice that always sounds on the edge of amused sarcasm. When something truly strikes her as funny, whether through actual comedic intentions of others, her own twisted sense of humor, or just schadenfreude, she has a high-pitched laugh - some call it a cackle - that turns heads.

Known Information

Dr. Henricksson is well-known in the Acadiana medical community for her charitable works as a reconstructive surgeon whom is dedicated to improving the lives of children either born with congenital facial defects or disfigured through accidents, charging no fees herself and covering the cost of hospital stays when the family meets certain financial standards. She also works late night ER rotations as a trauma surgeon at a local Catholic hospital.

It's well-known to colleagues and patients that she has a genetic condition that causes fatigue and sensitivity to sunlight, and the rare occasion that a tech has called her phone too early or too late, they felt very, very strongly that they should never do it again.

Kindred in the city (outside of the Accord) know her as a newer Ventrue bloodline with a discipline related to skin and blood, and that she can change her face easily.




Lost and Fallen




  • Hold still, I want to see what your insides look like.


  • Drunken nose jobs are a thing at parties.
  • Katrina sees everyone she meets as a potential work in progress.
  • Dr. Hendricksson once literally cursed someone's ear off for trying to kick one of her kid's out of their room post-surgery.


  • Dr. Katrina Henricksson is known for her generosity, often giving free reconstructive surgery to children.
  • No one outside her Accord cell knows that she is anything other then an Ventrue.
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Player: Windi Larson
MES Number: US2014110013
Domain: LA-010-I
VST: Adrian Steward