Dr. Markus Meister

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Accord PC

Player: Jared M. Leitzel
Creature: Possessed
Division: The Vault
City: Rhode Island
VST: [Diana Ruggiero]

Character Information

Name: Dr Markus Meister

Creature Type: Possessed

Notable Traits: Acclaimed Pharmacologist, Chemical Engineer and Surgeon.

Title or Positon: Regional Representative for Rhode Island.

Status Cell Status 4, Vault Status 2, Medical Status 3, Infernal Rank 3

Personality Arrogant prick is a common answer to this question. He has no problem speaking his mind, much to the chagrin to many. He gets frustrated with dealing with the issues of others whom he thinks are well below him, which probably includes you. To him, rank and station are not a level of respect but a reason to be targeted. Often tossing in challenges of morality and ethics to the rest of his cell (really, he has no friends), many misinterpret his questions as a form of naive askance as opposed to what they really are...making a point that no one is truly innocent. He is the black hat you need, not the black hat you want.

Appearance Markus typically wears his doctors lab coat with comfortable dress clothes. When he goes into a dangerous situation he will employ a Plague Doctor's mask and cloak. He has several wardrobes all attuned to the scenario, none of which would allow him to be less than dignified. He is a classic spoiled little rich boy. He particularly appreciates his all black Lamborghini Diablo he recently picked up.

Rumors (Feel free to add)

Does the term 'Sociopath' have any meaning to you?

The closest example of his wealth is Bruce Wayne.

Dr Meister is a modern day Mengele, he experiments on homeless and run aways in bizarre chemical tests.

He poisoned his own mother to get his family money.

He is a playboy who has crazy weird tastes.

He frequents raves and night clubs because he is experimenting with new street drugs, and he's cornered the market on E.

He has a priest in his basement, because he wants him to suffer.

His goal is to consume the Truth and take it's power. Then do exactly what the Truth is doing now, but succeeding.

Noteworthy Comments

Thank Hell, you are alright!

Trust me, I'm a Doctor. Take this pill, twice a day. Here, let me give you this injection...there...feel better already? --thud-- Damn. Well, that didn't work.

I existed before the stars were born, I'll exist long after you are gone.

So, pray, tell me, where is the line at....ethical treatment in our organization?

Don't misunderstand me, I had no intention to allow you any access to poison, truly you are the ones running with the concept. If I had the inclination to use it, rest assured you would not be asked permission nor would I inform you, and I can promise you that there would be no way that it could be found out.

  • "I've looked this man in the eye. It's not that he has no soul that scares me. It's that he has more than one." Gabriel Helm

Allies - as it were

Bernadette Jones

Aaron "Doc" Walker

Gabriel Helm

Jason Harvick

Lydia Barry

Lynnette Kennedy

Ray Johnson

Inspirational Notes

[|Youth] Come Falda di Neve

[|Fondness] O Magnum Mysterium

[|Mortality] Ain't no grave

[|Cause] Mea Culpa

[|Work] Lithium

[|Mind] Behind Blue Eyes

Not so well known History

Born and raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, there was no doubt that he would have all the finest things. The finest parents one could be blessed to have. The most grand homes money could afford. The most elite schools in the nation. The women, cars and drugs came along with it for a song and a dance. Markus indeed had it all, except for happiness. As the saying goes, you can buy anything, but if you don't have your health, you have nothing. His father, a frail man himself, suffered and died after years of battling cancer. His mother, a barely functioning alcoholic slithered her way into many a man's bed, even before the cancer made her a widow. Tossing the 10 year old Markus to boarding school as soon as his father died was horrific to the young man; getting married to an oil tycoon before the grass grew over her late husbands grave was damaging. It wasn't until Markus read the works of Charles Dickens, did he realize how dreadful his life was. All he could do is loose himself into school.

He became a medical doctor, and when that didn't seem to garner any respect from his cruel mother, he spent the additional two years getting his Pharmacology degree...out of spite. He had a knack for it, and delved headlong into a career...sharing it with nothing. Markus did a very great job of making himself an outcast from nearly everyone. His mother already moving on to her 4th husband, she was now somewhere on the West Coast in the beautiful San Fernando Valley. She threatened to cut off his trust fund, merely because they haven't spoken for years. How dare she? She had no idea that in the frequent absences of the night, Markus sat up in his own lab, creating and reformulating drugs. She had no clue, that he had grown up cold and uncaring, often running drug trials of his own, more often than not, unsupervised and unethical in nature. She never thought once about how he felt. Convenience was her only care.

After a few years, tired of watching and waiting for some form of motherly love (she never cared for all her other children, hers or step children, and there were alot), she finally called him. "Markus darling. The doctors out here in Cali just don't believe that I have pain. I know you are a good son, ship me up something good for mother, woun't you? Try to send something that goes well with a Merlot."

They say that her funeral was beautiful even if the casket was closed. The Coroner's office concluded that she died of a severe brain aneurysm. They say she seized so hard, some of her teeth shattered. Nothing came up in the blood screen other than the Red Chardonnay.

After he sent a fruit basket to his latest Step Dad, he started focusing hard on his work. What else did he have left? The mansion? The cars? All things. No, medicine....and the science of it was the only thing which got his blood pumping. He branched out. He spent his share of shifts in the ER, volunteering for extras when things got really drone. Markus took new drugs off the shelves, enjoyed breaking them down chemically and reverse engineering them. Some of these he made in sizable quantities, and gave them to his patients. Noting what worked, and what tweaks didn't, he started branching out his clinentel...eventually taking in people off the streets in makeshift clinics which would open for a short time, and then close as soon as the experiment was over. He would overlook the screams, the gnashing of teeth and the occasional vivid deaths for the one or two who would actually be helped. Granted it often took 15-20 people to get to that stage, but that last patient really pulled through well, didn't he?

That is when the Demon came calling. D---------. Attracted to the Doctor as a moth to flames. Vastly rich, secretive, cunning, decisive, almost no moral compunctions and teetering on socio-pathic tendencies (held in check ONLY by the self delusion that he was working for a better/higher good). D-------- watched Markus from a previous host. He even dared to go to one of the clinics to seek "help" from him. Markus didn't care that a Christian Pastor was asking him about getting Viagra and Rhuhepnal. The Demon could see inside his soul. He knew things about Markus that the shattered soul of a man never even contemplated. They made the Pact then and there, D-------- would have his perfect host and the Priest would be a shell kept under heavy sedation. True, Reverend Thomas O'Kieff didn't want to be a shriveled husk, but he also was so tired of fighting the Demon that was within him for years. In a moment of weakness, agreed to separate from the demon until such a time as his true death or when D-------- came back to him.

Truth be told, neither D-------- nor Rev Tom know if it is possible to be merged together again. Whether the enemy will consume D--------'s soul upon Meister's eventual death is uncertain. The demon certainly hopes this backdoor escape is possible. Even if it is into a vegetable.

Markus preparing himself for the Truth

OOC Information

Player:Jared M. Leitzel

MES Number: us2008082697