Dr. Murray the Shadowman

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Awakening PC

Player: Ben Walker
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Legacy: none
Position: none
Consilium: The Queen's Concillium
City: Charlotte
Cabal: none

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Shadow Name: Shadowman

Sleeper Alias: Dr. Murray

Character Description

Dr. Murray is a fit Cajun who is quite comfortable in other realms of existence. Those who can see into the other realms will often see another spirit or ghost hanging around him. He is a houngan, a voodoo priest, and works that magic into his style of casting, complete with a well used tarot deck. Unlike many others, he doesn't work for money, but for worthy causes. Many sleepers and awakened have had to prove the value of their causes before he would help them. Others have found him an enemy after wasting his time with a pointless quest.


You feel like the world is alive and watching you.


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He left Baton Rouge on less than amicable terms.

His lineage is traced back to the Oracle that founded Arcadia.


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"Everyone has magic within them. But not everyone deserves true magic. Some only deserve the emptiness of a stage performer."

"I got friends on the other side."