Dr. Petrovich

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Accord PC

Player: Greg Berry
Creature Type: Mortal
Division: None
City: Seattle
VST: Seattle DST

  • NOTE: This character is deceased!

Character Information

Name: Dr. Petrovich

Creature Type: Mortal

Notable Traits: Ridiculously fake Russian accent, very friendly.

Title or Positon: Doctor, Chief of Surgery

Known History:
No one is quite sure when Dr. Petrovich joined the Accord. There are rumors that he worked with Langley in Seattle, before the massacre. There are rumors that he and his cell of Cheiron agents found out about the Truth long before the Accord was reforged, and fought against it even then. He does not get involved directly with Accord operations terribly often, saying that his "work" keeps him from full dedication. Recently, however, he has started going on more operations with the Accord at large.
He is known to be a skilled medic and surgeon, and knows how to operate on...different types...of individuals in the Accord. Though he insists that he is not a fighter and prefers not to be in combat, he has gone on several missions for various groups in the past and has always come back in one piece. He always had a ravenous appetite afterward, however.


  • Dr. Petrovich was actually the basis for Dr. Strangelove, not the other way around.
  • Dr. Petrovich is the leader of The Cheiron Group in North America.
  • He's vivisected over one thousand supernatural creatures, from Vampires to Changelings to ghosts, however the hell that works.
  • He's only in the Accord to research better ways to kill every type of supernatural on the planet.
  • Dr. Petrovich is responsible for the creation of no less than five Prometheans.
  • Dr. Petrovich isn't a mortal at all. He's actually very, very old, and is one of the Members of the Board for The Cheiron Group.


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Weird Science — Oingo Boingo
Black Blizzard — Jeff Beals
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The Nurse Who Loved Me — A Perfect Circle

OOC Information

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Player: Greg Berry

MES Number: US2002022091

Location: Seattle, WA