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Name: Drayov Kurgensky AKA Dray

Clan: Gangrel

Traits 7'10" Well muscled, usually clad in his leather jacket, jeans and boots.

About His silent grim glare makes most men tremble, His rare smile makes most women weak in the knees. He chooses his companions carefully but devotes himself fully to their protection. His job as personal security for the rich and undeserving often provides contention with his nature. He frequently works as doorman/bouncer as the local gentleman's club to provide the girls with the sense of security they deserve.

He remembers very little of his past prior to waking up under a half collapsed building in Stalingrad. He strives to regain these memories but has yet to so far he fears they may be lost forever.


  • Primogen of Clan Gangrel for Austin
Drayov 2.jpg


  • Acknowledged in the Court of Austin
  • Confirmed as Ancilla
  • Acknowledged (Accepted) in the Court of San Antonio




  • Born August 24 1413 small village near Stalingrad.
  • Embraced December 18 1456
  • Fought German invasion of Stalingrad as a defender.
  • Participated in the security detail for Russian Olympic teams 1950 - 1970
  • Joined security detail for Van Halen during the 1984 European tour.
  • moved to US and continued to provide personel security to many high profile clients.
  • Arrived San Antonio, TX December 2016.
  • To haven in Austin, TX January 2016.


  • That he knows Blood magic.
  • He never feeds on women or children.


  • "He made it into the ranks of Austin society. I wonder what he will do with it." - Jeannie
  • "We few, we chosen few, who death had embraced with the shine of the moonlight on our blade and blood in our eyes... we know our own. The fact he has an appreciation for vodka and Mother Russia makes his blood all the sweeter." - Fay
  • "Who? Oh that tall motherfucker? He's a what? A gangrel? The fuck do they feed them where he comes from to get that big? Lupines?" - Angelo
  • "Oh, he's going to be a fun one. I must catch him after court." - Jupiter
  • "Wait, he's a Gangrel? But don't they all wear plaid? Someone better tell him their dress code." - Jayne
  • "He is a juggernaut. I would stand behind him in front of anything." - Magdalene Lys
  • "I'd call him a gentle giant, but I'd be lying. Great guy, happy to shoot the breeze with him anytime." - Wohl
  • "This rather...imposing...chap can play a decent game of cards, and also take a beating. I wish we could have finished the game of cards, but I am glad he was there to stand as an enforcer...that's certainly not my cup of tea...and no, I didn't steal any of his chips while he was distracted...I do have standards." - Bernard Green
  • "He's proving himself, time and again. What joy to watch him rise to the occasion." - Jeannie
  • "Stood with my Clan and with me when Elder Stepanov and Archon Nenette needed saving. That's worth something." - Hermes Reginald Waldenbrook
  • (French)"A trial by fire is an excellent way of learning the worth of a man, the question comes to the temperament of the steel after the flames have died out." - Guillaume
  • "He's red, spicy, hurt. There is something there, a secret. I have seen this secret before." - Nova
  • "I've had the opportunity to work with him on occasion ... and in most cases that would be enough for me to learn more about the man. In this case however, I know very little more now then when I was first introduced to him." Lucas Ebonwood
  • "Like most Gangrel, he is prone to fighting for the Tower and defending the city. The downside is he is brazen and brash, likely will get himself and others killed. Hope he finds temperament before those nights." - Stoneking
  • "Those eyes kind of just pierce right through you. I wonder if he has to wear sunglasses at night." Mabel Ruby
  • "!!!!" - Jeannie


Harv - Sin City

Riddick - Pitch Black

Donn Dean

Member Number: US2015120064
Sect: Camarilla
Location: Austin
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