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Changeling PC

Player: Kenneth Wright
Character: Dreamreaver
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Render
Court: Autumn
VST: Liz Namiotko

What flavor of nightmare? by Jason A. US2009074365

Character Information

Name: Dreamreaver

Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Render

Dual-Kith: Gravewight

Court: Autumn

Entitlement: Family of Silent Nights

Mask: An older-looking man with big hands, clearly sleep deprived, and dressed in a black trench coat glowers at you, curling his lip slightly to reveal yellowed, crooked teeth. His t-shirt bears an image indicative of death or the grim reaper.

Mien: His face bears the beating and bruising typical of the Ogre Seeming, but it appears paler, with eyes sunken into their sockets and blackened, like eyeballs in a long-decaying skull. His lips are less curled back and more shriveled, giving off a mummy's smile. His hands are larger and have multiple bony protrusions, as if the skin on the back of his hands turned partially to bone. The fingers end in blunted claws chipped and littered with plaster, splinters of wood, and pebbles of concrete. His boots appear to be caked in grave earth, and he generally gives of the disquieting aroma of a crypt.

Mantle: You feel as if you are standing in an old cemetery at the witching hour, a thick fog rolling over your feet and chilling you as something stirs and grabs your ankle, pulling down. Sparkles in the twilight (fireflies, stars poking through the sky) dance in your vision.

Notable Traits: He wears an overcoat that wiggles in weird places and carries a jar of cobblethought candies that taste off. He has deep bags under his eyes from repeated nights spent awake.

Title or Position: Brother of the Family, Magister of Nightmares


  • He is trying to fill a void, he has no dreams of his own.
  • His body escaped from Arcadia, but his dreams are still trapped.
  • He is a criminal.


  • "Dreamreaver keeps the things from my dreams from killing me, so I can tell others what they were." - Cass aka Jesse Quinn
  • "He's the sort of person who only talks when it's important. Usually says something important when he does." - DJ Radix