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Changeling PC

Player: Brom
Character: Drekinn Björn
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart (Bear)
Court: Dry Season (Summer)
Freehold: Freehold of the Phoenix Guard
VST: Anthony Fuentes

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Character Information

Name: Drekinn Björn - Drek

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Hunterheart "Bear"

Court: Dry Season (Summer)

Mantle: 3


Built like a fury fantasy the full chested, fur covered bear stands on two powerful legs. His solid black eyes look out without emotion most of the time and is of few words. His fur, his clothing even his gear seem to shimmer with a dull Iron like quality that have led some to call him Iron Bjorn or Iron Bear in english. His Hair a dark brownish black, his hands knarled and knotted form hard use and seem to be almost jagged and raw in some places. (Lethal Mein)


Drek's Mask

Six foot , built at the shoulders like a lumberjack, his plain face covered with a salt and pepper beard with free styled black hair, he keeps himself clean an tidy but would see more at home in the back woods then he does in the city a sort of melancholy follows him.


  • "Detached almost constantly always in combat." (Emotional Detatchment)
  • "Gave up the Dry Court crown suddenly and never looked back or gave explenation." (History)


The Then Time

Drek never speaks of his durance though it has left its mark on him. His style of fighting the way he just shuts down. He never pulls his blows it is always kill or be killed with him almost to a level of fatalist.

(Those with ties to the Red Veil Academy who would like ties with Drek, please let me know!)


The Escape

Drek had bid his time as all do.. when the moment came and the distraction went off, the fighters launched themselves into a great uprising. Breaking out of the wagons scattering hob trainers and loyalists. It was there he met Von Jagen trapped in a cage with other Ogres, he ripped the door from their prison and fought his way into the hedge, followed by the Ogre woman they crashed through trods and fell out of the hedge into. Phoenix, Arizona. Having nothing but each other, they stuck together, eventually finding their way to the local freehold.

(Those who would like to have ties with Drek from the escape, please let me know!)

The Wardens

Not much is locally known about how Drek became a warden, quiet his first few years in the freehold he spent some time hedge diving his love of the real outdoors also seeming to expand to his love for the hedge. During one of these trips in the monsoon seasons of two thousand and ninety eight he disappeared for several days. Upon returning he seemed different and would then take several sorties into the hedge never speaking of what or where he was going. Nearly a year and a half later he returned changed his eyes were growing dark. His fur took on a sheen of iron an slowly it grew and grew till one day it was impossible not to tell the Bjorn had become Iron Bjorn Lord Warden of Phoenix.

(Those with ties to the Hedge Wardens who would like ties with Drek, please let me know!)

The Founding of the Freehold of Phoenix Guard

The year was two thousand and one, the summer was brutal that year temperatures rising through the roof. The freehold stood on shaky legs, and the old center for meeting had vanished. There was a disturbance in the hedge and the warden, and his friends all headed into the hedge to find out what was a foot. They returned with the bodies of the missing freehold members and the seal, as the seal was sworn upon by new members of the freehold and old. Guests took the oath for good neighbors the symbols on the crest began to change.

The magic, was failing the freehold of old was collapsing. Drek seeing no choice proclaimed himself Dry Seasons Monarch and took all challenges there forth. Fighting two of the present members of the dry court he managed to win the battle and ascend to Monarch. From that day for the next four years he sat on the thrown every dry seasons unchallenged, then in two thousand and five without a word he resigned.

Recent Events

Drek, Von Jagen and their friend Cat have formed a motley, though he never speaks about it publicly. They are friends with a rather specific skill set, and sticking together just made sense for survival as well as companionship.

The Rest

Quote me on that

  • "I ain't got time to bleed." - During a battle in the hedge
  • "Drek was an admirable leader who took the freehold out of the quagmire. I would have done it - but who am I to rob a man of his calling. Where is the value in that?" - Jacob the Liar
  • "Big, Loud...and gruff...but he's got a heart of gold, that one." - Belladonna
  • "Did he just say that?" *Sighs* "...I'm just going to accept it and move on." Reset
  • "I remember Drek from the Academy. So much blessedly fades away but his 'discovery' was like mine - an accident. I pitied those that went up against Drek. Me, I killed 'em clean. Drek... He tore them to shreds. I hope he's found his peace here on this side." - Shelly


  • Drek is unstable, broken, cracked.. a mad man if not kept in check he is a near serrial killer
  • Drek lost his mind and stepped down out of hubris
  • Someone in summer forced him to step down having learned something from his past
  • They say Drek was a guard on the caravan, a god damn loyalist but turned when the others got over whelmed
  • He's a big fan of Trollgate and never misses a show
  • He kills with his bare hands because he's looking for something buried in the flesh of his targets

Sounds of War

  • Disturbed - Indestructible
  • Dropkick Murphys - The Warrior's Code
  • Drowning Pool - Step Up

OOC Information

Player: Brom Inmon

MES Number: US2009033768

Location: Phoenix, AZ