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A thin, wiry frame, standing fully at a smidgen over six-feet tall. He appears to be either in his late 20's or early 30's. Dresden is pale from the lack of time spent in direct sunlight, though that can be difficult to see through the dirt or dust he is frequently covered in. His black hair is usually mussed about wildly or hanging just over his eyes. He is routinely dressed in a variety of well-worn tees from bands; Linkin Park, Fort Minor and other acts are most common.


Beneath the Mask, Dresden's eyes are like inky black pools of water. Running at least the length of his neck and along his forearms, what resemble dark vines run just under his skin, like wild veins. His mien has a few dry leaves blowing behind him in small swirls.


Accord PC

Player: Philip Booker
Member Number: US2009074430
Domain: The Solidarity of All (TN-015-D, Rock City Torment)
Creature Type: Changeling Darkling Skogsra Tunnelgrub
Division: Accord Corps of Engineers, Medicorps Faction
City: Chattanooga, TN
VST: Sean Lolmaugh


Broken in the Thorns

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The Leaden Mirror:

The Power of Dreams:

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Coming to the Truth

Pissing on the Wrong Monster

Dresden was content to remain blissfully unaware of the Truth and its destructive goals. He knew of the Church of the Ultimate Truth, but had decided that it was simply just another mortal institution trying to find suckers to squeeze out a dime from. Enter 2012, the year that changed everything. The grove of land that Dresden had taken to calling his own was ruefully defiled by bizarrely warped man. Taking it as a personal slight, Dresden tailed the man to his home, breaking in and waiting for him to go to sleep. Following the defiler's going to sleep, Dresden slunk silently into the room and took the Plunge into the seemingly warped man's head, intending to work up one hell of a nightmare for him.
Instead, Dresden found himself wandering around the mind of a Servant of the Truth. He was still wandering around the dreams of the Truth when the Servant's door was kicked in; Dresden had not been the only one to track down the Servant that evening, a Krewe of Geists operating as part of The Solidarity of All Accord Cell came in firing. Dresden immediately exploded into a pile of autumn leaves, as he was yanked out of the Servant's dreams in the hail of gun fire.
Following the assassination of the Servant, Dresden had a lot to explain, as did the Cell operatives. Wise to the nature of the Truth, Dresden enlisted into the Accord.

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Reluctant Physician


To be clear, Dresden believes in the mission of the Accord. His Durance in Arcadia left him with an extreme distaste with godly beings bent on using the world as their plaything, be they True Fae or the entity known as The Truth. He generally dislikes Mages for much the same reason, that and their fascination with Arcadia. However, he has severe trust issues with other Accord members, even some in his own Cell. He is convinced that the Humans and Mages would love nothing more than to run shady Nazi-like tests on them once this foe is finally crushed.
If his paranoia weren't enough to keep people from getting close, Dresden's a bit of a dick. He cusses a lot, makes inappropriate gestures or jokes and has a long memory for slights.

Comrades in Arms


scratch that... she's fucking retarded!
  • Fie: I cannot pretend to understand the world of technology that she and Simon live in, but there is a fire for living present in the pair brighter than the most hedonistic Spring Courtier, but with a real intelligence the average Verdant lacks.
  • Leon Hardy: A noob Spring, but he's got heart.
  • Rosemary Weald: ... not that she likes him that much...


  • Deamon: Not all there, mentally, but a masterful commander. He knows my secrets, so he has my loyalty. Maybe I can fix his psychoses.
  • Kaze: Not sure exactly what Kaze is, but he is truly a mighty warrior.
  • Doc Lupei: About as close as I come to liking a Mage, even if she can get testy.
  • Mamasita:
  • Simon:

Nightmares for Another Night

  • Howls-with-Mirth: Deserves a coffin and a powerful tranquilizer some night in the future... because it'd be a challenge...

Forward Into Darkness

Dust from the Path:


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Memorable Quotes:

All things with time, feel free to add your own!

  • "But he's not the Stig... he's the Stig's freakishly enormous Accordian Cousin..." -in reference to Shagohad the Mountain, while in Budapest.
  • "What do you mean don't trust our gate?" -Enzo
"It could be because you have Keeper and Gate in your name. That kind of shit can put a fella on edge..." -Dresden
"Hey Squishy, sit your ass down and take this. You aren't doing me or any of your brothers in arms a fucking favor going back in hurt and macho." -Dresden, before healing a stubborn Hunter in Romania.
  • "Dresden, if I fall, stand me up once more that I may fight again." - Kaze
"Ain't seen nothing drop your ass so far, but I'll push you back into the ring faster than Don King!" -Dresden
  • "In a situation where we are in more danger from our own stupidity than agents of the Truth, I am super glad Nox is fighting with me." - F1R3W@LL
  • "He's a cool head in a world of hair triggers." - P51M0N1C
  • "Maybe ten words passed between us that weekend. But he brought every damned one of his patients back alive. I owe the man a year of drinks." -- David Anderson
  • "I'd like to get to know him better. I think I might like him. There's not many people I can say that about." Rosemary Weald


Truth or lies, it does not matter; feel free to add your own!


  • Fort Minor: Get Gone
  • Fort Minor: Out The Back
  • Rehab: Hey Fred
  • Rehab: Rattle My Cage
  • We Are The Ocean: Bleed
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