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Changeling PC

Player: Stephan Kelly US2006067970
Character: Dreyfus Mulligan
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Gravewight
Court: Courtless
Freehold: None Yet
VST: Cracks In the Yellow Brick Lost VST

Character Information

Name: Dreyfus Mulligan

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Gravewight

Court: Courtless

Title or Position:

Notable Traits:

OOC History

  • March 15, 1931 – Dreyfus was born in South Boston, his father a beat cop his mother a nurse. Dreyfus didn’t have much of a future ahead of him aside from law enforcement.
  • June 1946 – Dreyfus got picked up in Stavin Hill (aka Stab’n Kill) for fighting and spent his first night in jail. His dad stopped speaking to him for five years.
  • August 1951 - Dreyfus graduated Police Academy and started working for the Boston PD. He was pretty good, though he did have a bit of a violent streak. He managed to keep his nose clean long enough to make Detective.
  • May 1956 – Dreyfus became a Detective for the Boston PD. He was there three whole nights before he was taken.
  • His Durance lasted for almost sixty years, but he only aged 45. He was taken by the Oracle who used him, stretched him, wracked him by calling forth the ghosts of countless other Lost and funneling them through Dreyfus, making them possess his body until he had forgotten who he was and only knew that he was a vessel for transferring knowledge from the dead to the Oracle.
  • September 2001 – Dreyfus started channeling ghosts on his own, many of them having recently died before they were ready. They told him of this place of glass and steel and stone. Where people were free of Them.
  • October 2005 – Dreyfus calls forth several shades to get answers of what to expect when he comes back out.

The Oracle is too busy fighting with the Patriarch to pay much attention to his pet Darkling, Dreyfus. He left Dreyfus to his own designs most of the time.

  • Dreyfus hatched a plan to escape by making many many ghosts present and manifest while they were out in the Thorns, near the Hedge. The momentary confusion felt by the Oracle gave him the one chance to escape, and escape he did.
  • November 2016 - He came back and found that his Fetch was almost 80 years old. With the seething anger of missing out on his life, he strangled the fetch with skills and strength he forgot he possessed.
  • December 2016 – He fled Boston, never to return and followed visions he had of a Yellow Brick road…


By Dreyfus
About Dreyfus


Looking For

  • Background Ties (post durance).

OOC Information

Player: Stephan Kelly

MES Number: US2006067970

Location: Bolingbrook, IL