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Awakening PC

Player: Your Name
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: Eyes of Ain Soph
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Consilium: •••
City: Starkville, MS
Cabal: Name
VST: Storyteller Name


Birth Name:

Shadow Name: Drift

Sleeper Alias: none


Cabal: SMT3K

Character Livejournal:




  • The Crow
  • Puff the Magic Dragon
  • Dr Who (pick one)
  • Radagast the Brown

Character Description


Unveiling: For a brief moment in the presence of powerful magic, the mage’s nimbus might momentarily allow onlookers to see a flicker of the same animalist world the Shaman sees. Sleepers might sense waves of emotion coming from objects or natural phenomena — eagerness from a sports car, stability from a chair, anger from a fire and so on.

Looking For

Friends and Allies


  • He's being controlled by the raven.
  • He actually is the raven and the body is possessed by a spirit.
  • He isn't crazy, it's all an act.


About Drift

  • "If Drift ever needs my help, he has it. As well as my silence about the issue." - Maester

By Drift

  • "You don't have to be embarrassed; lions have sex in public all the time."
    • Said to Xuanhu after deciding that a two-person lion costume was a way to have sex in public.

OOC Information

Player: Daniel Ryan

MES Number: US2002126991

Location: MS-001-D