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Accord PC

Player: Jenn Cross
Creature Type: Vagahuir
Division: The Samaritan Group
City: Phoenix, AZ
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Personnel File

Name: Duchess. If she had another name, she's never said.

Creature Type: Vagahuir

Appearance: When she is in human form, Duchess is a short woman with a hat pulled low over her ears. She wears a leather mini skirt and leather leggings, a purple tunic top, and a draped black sweater that resembles bat wings. A belt is over the whole thing and she wears slouchy leather boots. Her complexion is muddy and her features are not particularly fine or attractive.

As a bat, Duchess is a Vesper bat with red fur and white markings.

Notable Traits: Duchess is usually seen wearing a hat. Samaritan Group Status 5. Speaks with a working class British accent.

Division: The Samaritan Group

Title: Director of Intelligence

Known by The Accord

Duchess joined the Accord in 1999, brought in by John Harkin, though she'd been active since at least 1989, when she attended the first Monster Prom on the arm of Samuel Marlow. She is most commonly known as a surveillance operative and is available to work for most operations. She is a member of the Board of the Samaritan Group as head of the Surveillance Division.

She has never been known to be a member of a Cell and does work for several individuals and organizations. Duchess is known to be protective of a handful of members of the Accord, though they don't seem to have much connection between them other than their association with Duchess. She is also incredibly protective of her Colony, as most Vagahuir are, and they are usually in the area when she around.

Duchess participated in Operation Smoke and Mirrors and Operation Caldero del Sol.

The Colony


Duchess is often seen with a large colony of Vesper bats. She is the largest among them in her Primal Form (red Vesper bat with white feet). The bats also run errands, such as security patrols or checking in on people. Like most Vesper colonies, they range in colors, with brown, black, grey, and red being the largest groups, though a few yellow and orange bats fly with them as well. Some of the bats are known for their affinity towards others in Duchess' life. In general, P51M0N1C is a favorite, since he feeds them crickets constantly.

Though they are rarely mentioned and even less likely to be seen, the human side of the colony, known as the Clan or Seminţie, is also under Duchess' protection.



Corad is a male bat with yellow fur and a white stripe down his chest. Duchess started calling him Corad after he showed an affinity towards Cora Kirkwood. Duchess describes him as 'needy'.



Louise is a black female bat with a bright white splotch on her chest. She is the bat who communicates most with Lupei and her bat, Louie. Louie now resides with Lucas MacKinder.

Whispers on the Wind



  • Duchess is adorable when she's a bat. Just don't say it in her face.
  • Duchess has several children.
    • Do not ask about Duchess' children.
    • Several men in the Accord have children they don't know about through Duchess.
      • Several men in the Accord are her children.
  • Duchess attends Monster Prom every year under duress.
  • She has a vampire lover. Won't mom be proud!
  • You know what they say about women with big ears, don't you?
  • Duchess and Silas Magnus are bitter ex-lovers, from days before the Accord. This is why they don't get along particularly well.

What Others Say


  • na na na na na na na na BAT-CAM! - F1R3W@LL
  • "Her? I think we met once." - Lucas MacKinder
  • "Tricksy as fuck. And that's a compliment." - P51M0N1C
  • "Was that bat intentionally doing aerobatics? And what does it ... is it wearing a helmet?" - Dr. Adrianne Kane
  • "'Chess....don't die. I'd be annoyed." - Lupei
  • "Why do I think that I know her?" - Eva Carlisle
  • "Heh..Aunty Bats. She's the only one who understood me when it meant something." - Alex Aspra
  • "Your little friends are prey. They were weak, and you should thank me for strengthening your colony." - Veronica Falcor
  • "We're two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately that means that we sometimes cannot bridge the divide. Yet I try, for the sake of us all, and our friendship..." - Jacques Lafayette Saunier
  • "She might be a flying mouse but she's safe. Not even a mouthful, totally not worth the effort it would take to catch this one though it might be fun to try..." - Nazar Belitrov
  • "She's a rat with wings. Do I really need to say anything else?" - Hank Sims
  • "She seems to be a very busy and productive woman. Perhaps one day we'll have the time to talk." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "Duchess? Yeah, she's good. I've seen her handiwork. She does good work." - Silas Magnus
  • "She'd a good person to have at your back. I hope to get to know her better." - Rosemary Weald
  • "She made it all the way through Peru without strangling any of us. Somehow. I could almost see her the self-control bleeding from her glares." - Irene Norton
  • "I've interacted with her very little, but we have found victory with her in the command team. As such, she receives my approval." - The Dominus
  • "Her Grace is quite interesting, and her teams are ones of elegance and grace. She is quite charming and sophisticated." - Aalina
  • "Duchess makes you realize why everyone thinks bats are either frightening or adorable. Both. At the same time. Somehow. Don't tell her I said that. I'd rather not be on the frightening end of that list." - Endless
  • "Of course I treasure her. I treasure the capable, and Duchess is certainly capable. She and I have just never had reason to speak." - Lilith
  • "She's been with me since I took my first baby steps in the Accord. I've been thankful for her more times than I can count. Fortunately, she has her colony to do the counting for me." - Cora Kirkwood
  • "I rather like Duchess, for many reasons. Chief among them? Duchess is living, breathing proof that I can work with a woman without sleeping with her. Take THAT, HR Sexual Harassment Training!" - Rick Storm
  • "Yes, she's allowed to call me 'Davey'. She's the only one, and it's none of your goddamned business why." - David Anderson
  • "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. My little bat Duchess. She will always have my heart. With one mere glance she takes my breath away and I love her for it." -Nuri
  • "My best friend for over four decades and the first person I recruited into the Accord. She's more than able to handle herself, but fuck with her and I'll seal your fate." - John Harkin
  • "I appreciate her personality. A no bullshit, get things done type. I like her. Plus, she understands why I hate to be ground bound." - Striker
  • "I like Duchess. She's a good person an...um...stuff..." - Aurora Coventry
  • "How familiar are you with jazz? The smooth, complex lines of the stuff... deep and fresh and classic, written together in ways that sound nothing like you'd expect until you hear it. That's her." - Marianne Bennett
  • "She's so cute!! Um...as a bat, I mean. Or not. Both? Damnit!" - Amanda Burke
  • "Seriously, she has a camera and 'thing' that she uses to type out morse code.. I was shocked,and astounded that she actually stayed perched on my shoulder as I waded into a room full of 40 Vampire believers. She's tough, and brave." Dante Weber-Karg
  • "Generous with her bats." - Ingrid
  • "Deedee and I? Ha! That would never work. Not really. Yet and still - I can't ever look at her or even just be around her without smiling. There's a piece of my shriveled, blackened little infernal heart that's always going to be hers. Always. Dr. Steven Bradley
  • "She's kinda like an aunt...or a cousin...it's wicked hard to explain. But she's awesome, and I'm good with her being in my life." Ridley St. James

OOC Information

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Player: Jenn Cross

MES Number: US2002023825

Location: Columbus, GA

G+ Page: Writing about this PC can be found on her G+ Page. The page is for OOC amusement only.