Duchess Ophelia Spinner

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Changeling PC

Player: Sara Bryant
Character: Ophelia Spinner
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Dancer/Venombite
Court: Winter
Freehold: The Congress of Odd Fellows
VST: Zach Bartosik

Character Information

Name: Ophelia Spinner


Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Dancer/Venombite

Court: Winter

Title or Position:

Notable Traits:

Merit Details:

  • Winter Mantle 4
  • Striking Looks 4

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Current Activities: Manages Sans Merci




Character Inspirations



"Love Ophelia if ya gotta, but try not to trust her. Its not her fault, but she got her heart froze. Maybe one day, she'll get better..." - Bobby


  • She has a nickname for a select few.
  • She does know what shes doing to the hearts of men, and she could stop if she wanted to.
  • There's a special night every month at her club, Sans Merci, where all the people who long to be near her gather together to drink in silence. Its called Laertes' night.
  • It seems she has a soft spot for crying girls.
  • Has an unusual nervousness when near or around certain kinds of lamps.
  • Had her heart broken by her Keeper, so she vowed to never let another man do the same.
  • Fisher wasn't Winter until Ophelia shattered his heart- which she refers to as having "fixed" him. It is true that his calculating, emotionless nature has made him coldly effective as Winter Monarch...
  • Broke Justin Bieber's heart.
  • Doug would chew his arm off to be with Ophelia.
  • Spooky Lily was once one of Ophelia's conquests. The poor little Darkling pines for her still.
  • The local Winter Court knows she's out of control but for some reason they won't rein her in.
  • The song "Hallelujah" was written for her.
  • Fisher and Ophelia mentored Remi into the Winter Court
  • Ophelia was the reason Bobby is now a member of the Autumn Court instead of being a Spring courtier. This is because she broke his heart in hopes that he would understand sorrow and join the Winter court. Sadly, he just wasn't smart enough to be sad and instead became fearful of her (and women in general).
  • Now, Ophelia has Johnathan Grimm on her arm. Rumor around the town is that she spun him a blanket made of gold and rubies to give into his dragon side. However, he had to promise to never wear a suit.

OOC Information

Player: Sara Bryant

MES Number: US2004011025

Location: Washington, D.C.