Duct-Tape Jones

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Duct-Tape Jones

Irish Engineer and Physicist

Name: Duct-Tape Jones
Age: 35
Creature Type: Awakened
Cell: San Joaquin County Regulators
Cell status: 1
Title or Positon: Builder
Division: The_Accord_Corps_of_Engineers, Wrench
Subdivision: Gearheads
Division status: 3


Accord PC

Player: Shayne Cooley
Member Number: US2002021450
Domain: Twilight Chronicles, Stanislaus and San Joaquin County, California
Creature Type: Awakened
Division: Accord Corps of Engineers, Wrench Division, Gearheads subdivision
City: San Joaquin county, Ca
VST: Rudy F.

Operative Record

Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council


Duct-Tape Jones.png


Primary duties:

Skill set:

  • Welder
  • Blacksmith
  • Mechanic
  • Designer


  • Quality Tools
  • Quality Materials
  • Space to work
  • Freedom to work


To be filled in

Contacts and Communications

Known Associates




Other Persons


From Duct-Tape Jones

  • "I do the building. Others do the killing."
  • "You gonna take the word of a man that got a C- in Algebra?"
  • "There are Engineers and there are Technicians. Ain't you fucking lucky that I be the missing link between the two? Happy Day."
  • "Hardward mode, Go!"

From others

Feel free to add your own

  • "He got my still workin. Ain't got a bit of problem with 'em." - Warg


  • He got an A-. Once.
  • Big Bang Theory is really based on his life, he didn't need four people for all the science though.
  • Prefers the term Fringe Scientist to Mage.
  • Mages, Changelings, Vampires, etc..... No. There are builders, thinkers, and oxygen thieves. Plain and simple.
  • He has dumped Angelina Jolie Twice. Billy Bob and Brad are both rebounds.

Out of Character


  • Ernest Walton
  • Tony Stark
  • William Rowan Hamilton
  • Forge
  • George Boole
  • Dawson (Adventures in Babysitting)


  • She Blinded Me With Science Thomas Dolby
  • Blue Collar Man Styx
  • An Irish Pub Song The Rumjacks
  • You Won't Make a Fool Out of Me Flogging Molly
  • Wierd Science Oingo Boingo

OOC Information

Please see my User Page for player information. Shayne Cooley

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