Duncan Dunsirn

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Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independents
City: Miami, FL
Player: Robert
Storyteller: Eddie

Known History


Duncan Dunsirn was embraced sometime in the middle of the 1700's, although few outside the family have any idea when. His time as a ghoul is almost entirely lost to time. What is known from the time before his embrace is that he was working to achieve a Giovanni stronghold in the Southern portion of North America. During his early years as a Kindred he spent much of his time on various business trips throughout the United States and spent a good deal of time moving back and forth between North America and the Family holdings abroad.
At some point his wanderings ceased. He returned to Florida much more driven than he was before and in very short order managed to establish a very strong presence in the City of Miami. He became well known for helping those Kindred in need but never let a debt linger long. He actively made sure that others knew it was always a business arrangement.
During the mid 90's something unfortunate appeared to have happened, Duncan wasn't seen for several decades. Large amounts of individuals believed him to have met final death. However recent nights have dispelled that rumor in its entirety. Moving swiftly and pointedly, Duncan has begun to rapidly reestablish himself and is now in charge for the Giovanni Family in Miami.

Notable Traits

- Don of Miami, FL
- Emissary to the Camarilla
- Associate to Isabella Giovanni


Miami, Florida and its environs.




- "Though I never put much faith in those of the outer Families, it is hard to argue with a man who wields such an exquisite cane..." -Gregori Giovanni
- "It had been awhile since I saw Duncan. That didn't matter though, we fell into step again as friends, family does. I'm curious to see what this next time round will bring." -Isidora Giovanni
- "Duncan is by far the most courteous Giovanni I have ever met, much to my displeasure. He is simply too polite to write-off." -Petra Palailogina
- "At first, I was going to rip his throat out. Then he impressed me. I'll be watching this one." - Angelo
- "Look all I'm sayin' is that if my brother ever pisses me off that much, I'm sendin' his body to Duncan, and we're havin' family dinner." -Angie Giovanni
- "Fine business man, and fine chef, even if his tastes are a little on the wild side, sometimes you need someone like that to let the dumb fucks know what'll happen to 'em when they fuck up." -Auggie Giovanni
- "Don't ask where he gets his steak and kidney pies. Delish though." - Eva Giovanni
- "I should go have dinner sometime with him. Dunsirn hospitality is immpeccable." - Valerius Giovanni
- "Honestly, I had my reservations. I was happy to see that they were completely unnecessary. A lot of the boys in our society could learn something about being a gentleman from Duncan Dunsirn." -Carmina Giovanni
- "His reputation came to me when I was still in Proxy and I knew then that I never wished to cross this man." -Mateo Giovanni
- "þú heimskr barn... The loss you and August have done to yourselves is unacceptable. You are mine until this is fixed." Otama Myrkrdotter
- "Duncan has the uncanny ability to vocalize exactly what I am thinking at any given moment. The talent is both unsettling and oddly convenient." Isabella Rossellini
- "People often think about parents are being nurturing, about teaching us life lessons and how to be good, honest, and better than they are. They often forget that, if their childe is ever in danger - and if they really love them as a parent should - they'd burn the world to keep them safe. Duncan's a reminder of, when push comes to shove, what parents can, and will do if their childe is endangered." Ethan Sullivan
- "Duncan is a perfect companion for a night. He's charming, and he says such the sweetest things. For example: we will raze that city to the ground, should she not make it back. If I had a heart, it would be fluttering." Jupiter Lotis
- "My third favorite Consulente! I'd be happy to tell you sometime about how I taught him everything he knows. It's not true, but I'll tell you about it anyway." Uncle GiGi
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- He was lent a special gift from Valerius for a specific purpose.